Wholesale Floral Supplies

Tools are essential to creating the perfect floral centerpieces and details for events and holidays, from the scissors to the ribbon. You want to provide the very best decorations, and Jamali Garden is here to make that possible. We offer floral supplies in bulk so you can get floral arrangements and details done and ready to go for any event.

Our inventory has a diverse selection of materials you can use to push your skills and abilities further. Learn more about the products we have available and buy florist supplies online today!

Necessary Supplies to Create Floral Arrangements and Crafts

As for your equipment, you'll need items like shears, pliers, and scissors. You'll find these tools and more at Jamali Garden. We have a variety of handle colors, blade angles, and grips. 

We also have floral wire and floral foam blocks. Use the wire to string together flower stems and buds in a romantic, shapely way for garland and column decorations. Styrofoam keeps your silk flowers firmly in place. We have your standard square and spherical foams as well as other less common options. Choose from floral foam rings, domes, and sheets to bring unique floral visions to life.

Other useful supplies include basket fillers, flower-friendly spray paints, and hot glue guns. Stock up on the necessary supplies and get to work creating unforgettable floral arrangements!

Bulk Floral Accessories for Big Events and Holidays

Once you have completed your floral kit with basic tools, it's time to take things to a new level. While flowers are beautiful, adding additional features makes the bunch that much more special. Jamali Garden has all the items you need to personalize and embellish your floral decor. For example, consider using vase fillers to hide tangled flower stems in your beautiful glass vases. 

We have a variety of gems and glass nuggets that you can pour into vases, with multi-colored options and solid hues. These are especially noticeable around candlelight. The flame's reflection almost makes the beads glow, evoking a warm, romantic feel throughout your event. If you have a beach-themed event, consider filling vases with sand and surrounding the arrangements with scattered seashells

For themed events like a Roaring '20s fundraising gala, doll up your floral crafts with tan feathers and amber-colored sea glass. These items will build on your theme by calling back to trendy accessories many people recognize from the Golden Age. Ribbon is another great floral feature, especially for sophisticated, elegant affairs.

Buy Floral Supplies Wholesale Online From Jamali Garden

Give your floral arrangements the lift they need with additional features that are subtle yet beautiful. From seashells to feathers and beautifully colored sea glass, take your event decor to a whole new level and leave people in awe. If you want to buy in bulk, Jamali Garden has wholesale flower supplies. Explore our offerings for inspiration and place your order today!


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