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Floral Foam Online

Are you working with flowers for your next event? Jamali Garden has a variety of floral foams that make arrangements easier than ever. Our sizes and shapes make for fantastic arrangements, and you can trust that the flowers will stay in place once inserted into the foam. No matter the number of flowers or the project's complexity, you can rely on Jamali Garden's wholesale floral foam supply to provide the foams you need to bring your visions to life.

If you're creating floral crafts for an entire event, you should consider ordering floral foam shapes wholesale. Buying in bulk saves you money and ensures you always have the tools you need. Start browsing our foams today!

Why Use Floral Foam?

The most fantastic floral arrangements have relied on foam for over 50 years. First invented in the 1950s, floral foam became an essential tool to florists and event planners worldwide. What makes styrofoam so useful is its density and absorption quality. The density allows you to stick flowers in positions you need them to remain in. Once the stems have been pushed deep enough into the foam, the flowers are less likely to budge. Your beautiful arrangement will stay intact for the duration of the event.

When buying floral foam, you should always check the size. A larger size means that you can trust the material to hold larger and heavier arrangements. Floral styrofoam materials are also great at absorbing water, which means flowers will stay fresh for hours at a time. Soak your foam in a bucket of water or vitamin-enriched water, and then place it in a vase. The water will hydrate the plants and soften the foam for easy stem placement.

Unique Foam Shapes for Special Arrangements

Jamali Garden has more than your traditional blocks of floral foam. You can always cut your foam into the desired shape, but we offer several shapes that you can buy to reduce your prep time and put arrangements together faster. Our floral foams come in unique forms that help you create modern yet elegant flower crafts for your scheduled events.

For example, you can order floral foam sheets wholesale to create beautiful floral walls or panels of fresh greenery. Our dome-shaped foam is another excellent item for unique centerpieces. Fill the rounded piece with roses and surround it with candles for a romantic event. Other shapes like our floral foam spheres make for incredible ceiling decorations or unique table features.

Jamali Garden provides a range of floral foam products from OASIS, a brand known for dedicating itself to furthering floral innovations and design. Add OASIS foams to your order for maximum water absorption and support.

Buy Floral Foam Wholesale From Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden provides the highest-quality floral supplies to help you create the arrangements you envision. Every event is unique, and the same is true of floral arrangements. That's why we have various forms to take your ideas and capabilities to the next level. Give your floral arrangements a new edge, and your next event is sure to be a success.