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Buy Garden Urns Wholesale

Garden urns are unique planters that create impressive statement pieces for around your home or at your next event. Place them inside or outside, and fill them with flowers, greenery, succulents, or even a large moss ball for a quick and easy addition to any decor. 

At Jamali Garden, we offer garden urns in a variety of finishes, including gold, rust, black, antique white, yellow wash, and terracotta. Our urns are also available in a variety of sizes, so you can always find the perfect piece to fit your space. When you buy garden urns online from us, you also get the quantities you require with bulk pricing, so you can get what you need and stay on budget.

Buy Vintage Garden Urns

Vintage-style garden urns provide all of the classic elegance of traditional urns with the added charm of aged details. In addition to the gold urn, you'll also find antique rust white urns and yellow-washed gray urns, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your space and color scheme. These urns are constructed out of fiberglass with beautifully embossed details, making them much lighter than they look for easy transportation to and from event venues.

These vintage urns make a great addition to any home or event, but they would be an especially good fit for a cozy garden or an enchanting, romantic wedding ceremony. Fill them with large bouquets of artificial flowers like our giant white hydrangeas for an effortlessly gorgeous display.

Buy Rustic Garden Urns Online

Rustic weddings are increasingly popular among people of all ages, and details like rustic garden urns can make a huge difference in your decor. Rustic style revolves around simplicity and natural materials that create a homey, casual design with some rough edges for good character. Consider a rustic urn filled with greenery or florals for your next event or to add to your home.

Our 18in grey zinc urn features a simple shape and design that's perfect for any rustic decor. This fiberglass urn has classic details and a grey finish for a softer appearance. It's ideal for weddings and romantic, ethereal events. 

Wholesale Garden Urns

Whether you're purchasing garden urns for your home or you're planning an event, you can be sure you'll find the perfect urns in the quantities you need at Jamali Garden. We keep a large inventory of the best quality products we can find so that we can fulfill bulk orders and offer wholesale prices. Shop online to find everything you need for eye-catching decor.