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Faux Boxwood

Are you planning for an upcoming event? Whether you're decorating your venue for an anniversary, wedding, or other celebration, our faux boxwood can create a magical atmosphere that will keep your guests intrigued all night long. We offer a wide range of high-quality faux boxwood designs to make your vision come to life — whatever it may be. From whimsical hanging designs to stunning bushes and mats for the floor and walls, you can cover your venue in our lush accents and make any night unforgettable.

Decorate Your Venue With Our Faux Boxwood

Whether you prefer our faux boxwood square mats or hanging garland, our expertly crafted designs will amaze your guests and create a cohesive interior. We also offer wholesale faux boxwood, allowing you to buy your decorations in bulk and make the most of your space. If you imagine your venue with faux grass-covered walls or hanging boxwood above each table, our bulk-buying option ensures you get all the supplies you need to make your night sparkle without the extra cost.

Faux Boxwood Balls

We carry an array of different faux boxwood balls to suit everyone's needs. From sets of 8-inch and 14-inch wicker and grass balls to large faux boxwood ball designs, you can easily add a natural touch to your wedding or event. Whether you choose our smaller designs or our larger boxwood balls, these natural elements are sure to make an impact wherever you place them.

Opting for our smaller designs allows you to create lush centerpieces. Place them atop an urn or another vase that suits your event for an organic focal point. You can also choose your faux boxwood ball's pot, enabling you to completely customize your design to match the event.

Faux Boxwood Garland

Our boxwood garland is stunning from every angle, making it one of our most versatile decorations. Place it across your tables or bars to add a touch of green, or create an intimate atmosphere by pairing it with tealight candles.

You can also shape our 6-foot boxwood garland to fit unique crevices, such as banisters, archways, or doors, to ensure every part of your venue has a touch of nature. Our garland products each contain unique design features. These one-of-a-kind designs allow you to use our classic 5-foot garland to create a brighter, greener appearance, ideal for spring or summer weddings or matching topiaries.

Faux Boxwood Mats

Our faux boxwood mats make it easy to completely transform your venue. With our variegated long boxwood mat, you can create a vibrant backdrop for your photos or simply create an unforgettable accent wall. Enhance any space with a natural flair using our boxwood mats.

Each of our boxwood mats contains different design features for a unique look, such as varying stem lengths and yellow-green coloring. We also offer more traditional faux boxwood walls with a classic deep, green hue and short stems. Use our purple boxwood mat with dark green and purple leaves, displaying peak elegance to achieve a whimsical atmosphere.

Order Wholesale Faux Boxwood for Your Wedding or Event

If you want to transport your guests to a different world when they step foot over the threshold of your venue, trust our faux boxwood designs. As a premier provider of one-of-a-kind decorations for every celebration, we pride ourselves on our exceptional service and dedication to creating high-quality products that will exceed your expectations. 

Every element of our faux boxwood designs has been carefully crafted with sharp attention to detail, ensuring that every decoration is as eye-catching as the last. With our range of boxwood products, you can make your dream a reality and create an interior atmosphere that will awe your guests throughout the night. To find a faux boxwood design that fits your venue and vision, browse our wide collection of designs and place a wholesale faux boxwood order today.