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Order Artificial Topiary Trees Wholesale

At Jamali Garden, we have a range of high-quality artificial potted plants designed to look alive. No green thumb is necessary for our maintenance-free, long-lasting shrubbery. We have a variety of plant types, sizes, and pots to make it easy for you to find that missing touch for your event or space.

Plants Perfect for Any Location

Our wholesale artificial potted plants allow you to create beautiful décor while staying on budget. These life-like, faux potted plants come in many size choices to fit different spaces:

  • Desk or Tabletop. Small potted plants make a tasteful addition to a desk or tabletop, either clustered in varying sizes or in a single pot.
  • Office. Add a floor plant or tree in your office for a warm and inviting accent that still maintains a professional look.
  • Lobbies. Large, open lobbies feel more comfortable with some strategically placed greenery. The potted plants lend a calming and natural feel to an otherwise empty area.
  • Events. Our wholesale artificial plants will enhance any event space. Use our potted plants in combination with vases of silk flowers to complete the theme of your event.
  • Restaurants. Your guests will love the dining atmosphere when you decorate your restaurant with beautiful faux potted plants. Potted plants add a level of coziness to make guests comfortable and relaxed — and you won’t have to worry about remembering to water them.

Choose From Many Types of Plants

Whatever your theme or event style is, we have the potted plant or faux potted tree to fit your needs. You can pick from:

  • Orchids and Palms. If you want to impose a tropical feel, our Faux Potted Orchids or Faux Potted Cane Palm Trees are just what you need.
  • Bamboo and Rubber Trees. Create a jungle vibe with our realistic Faux Potted Bamboo and rubber tree selections.
  • Topiary Trees. A classic style for any décor is the clean and refined look of a Topiary Tree. We have a selection of one-, two-, or three-ball topiaries depending on the size you require for your space.
  • Succulents and Green Plants. If you’re looking for versatile and tasteful choices, subtle decorations like our Quartet of Succulents will serve you well. They are understated and enhance any setting, in addition to being the hottest on-trend choice in floral design.

Select the Pot Type to Fit Your Needs at Jamali Garden

We have you covered for color and décor style when it comes to the pot selection for your faux potted plants:

  • Hanging Pots. If your flat surface space is limited, consider hanging a potted plant. This method adds just enough charm to a small space without looking cluttered.
  • Wooden Planters and Tin Vases. If you like a more rustic, outdoorsy look, we have a variety of wooden planters and tin vases for you. Mix and match these pieces for a unique contrast of wood and metal.
  • Ceramic, Cement, and Marble Pots. If a modern, sleek aesthetic is more your style, our gorgeous ceramic, cement, and marble pots might appeal to you. They represent cool urban style at its finest.

Take a look for yourself at all the beautiful artificial potted plants we have available!