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  1. 32in Ivy Leaf Topiary Tree
    32in Ivy Leaf Topiary Tree
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  2. 43in Dracaena Plant
    43in Dracaena Plant
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  3. 32in Oak Leaf Fern Plant
    32in Oak Leaf Fern Plant
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  4. 27in Sago Palm Tree
    27in Sago Palm Tree
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  5. 44in Banana Plant
    44in Banana Plant
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  6. 40in Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant
    40in Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant
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  7. 7in Barrel Cactus
    7in Barrel Cactus
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  8. 57in Fan Palm Tree
    57in Fan Palm Tree
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  9. 43in Monstera Plant
    43in Monstera Plant
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77 Items

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Wholesale Potted Plants

Wholesale Potted Plants

With the number of online searches for succulents increasing tenfold since 2010, it's no surprise that potted plants are a favorite among millennials, decorators, designers, florists, and event planners.

Even if you don't have a green thumb, though, you can still add greenery to your space with artificial plants that are designed to look alive. They breathe life into an area without the upkeep of real plants. You can fill your space with popular, maintenance-free trees and houseplants without ever needing to fill a watering can or reposition a plant due to light.

At Jamali Garden, we carry the highest quality, most natural-looking faux plants in various types, sizes, and pot styles to make it easy for you to find that realistic missing touch for any room. Let's discover the numerous benefits of purchasing artificial potted plants online from Jamali Garden for your next event or dream space.

Why Buy Wholesale Potted Plants?

Artificial plants have come a long way from the fake-looking florals of yesteryear. Our carefully selected collection of high-quality silks and real-touch plants are so lifelike, they look and feel like the real thing, even up close. If you're looking for gorgeous, durable plants for your next event, office refresh, or interior redesign, our curated faux plant selection offers a wide variety of styles to beautify any space. 

Buying wholesale potted plants online from Jamali Garden has numerous advantages. We carry large quantities of unique, high-quality artificial plants that:

  • Look and feel real: Thanks to advances in synthetic materials, we carry faux plants and flowers that look nearly indistinguishable from natural flora in texture, color, detail, and overall appearance. Your clients, guests, and customers will never know the difference between our plants and the real thing.
  • Are available all year long: Artificial plants are always in season, no matter the plant style. With realistic faux options, for instance, you can enjoy summery lavender all year round.
  • Offer more durability than real plants: Artificial potted plants are far more resilient than real plants, especially for a windy wedding day or a high-traffic lobby.
  • Appear fresh and full forever: Skip the management of pruning wilted blossoms or cleaning up dropped leaves. For a forever-verdant look, choose our synthetic plants.
  • Require virtually no maintenance: Faux potted plants require no fertilizer, water, or light.
  • Are available in large quantities: We carry bulk amounts of lifelike, top-quality artificial potted plants at wholesale prices for every event, theme and project. 
  • Thrive in unique conditions: With synthetic plants, you can display dry-desert potted cacti in a humid bathroom or a low-light oak leaf fern in a full-sun room.

You can place our collection of lifelike artificial trees in any room, even windowless spaces.

Benefits of Decorating With Artificial Potted Trees

If you're looking for large or tall plants to refresh your parlor, restaurant, or event venue, you've come to the right place. Potted natural trees are heavy, drop leaves, and require ideal light conditions to thrive. Real trees can also outgrow spaces over time. You can place our collection of lifelike artificial trees in any room, even windowless spaces. Lightweight and easy to move, our realistic artificial trees look like the real thing, and they'll always look fresh and full. Guests will never know they're not real! 

Buy faux potted plants online to give formal entries a facelift with a pair of realistic-looking boxwood or cypress topiaries that require no trimming to maintain their manicured spiral shape forever. Trendy Monstera and fiddle leaf fig plants make a bold statement with their distinctive leaf shapes. Add some Mediterranean flair to your kitchen or restaurant with a lifelike lemon tree.

Looking for a solution for a narrow space? Consider tall and textural potted bamboo or a traditional slim-profile cypress topiary tree.

Order Artificial Potted Plants in Bulk for Weddings and Events 

Whether potted plants are the main attraction or they complement floral arrangements, lifelike synthetic plants in stylish vessels add a layered beauty to your event decor. Artificial potted plants, trees, and succulents go with any event decor and theme, making them one of the most versatile decor options. 

Event planners and florists love purchasing and reusing our realistic potted plants wholesale for a variety of events:

  • Create a woodland oasis: Transport wedding guests to an enchanted wood with a twinkling tree-lined dance floor. Delicate potted ferns look magical on a long moss mat table runner. Get cozy with a sweetheart table nestled under ficus trees adorned with hanging lanterns. 
  • Embrace texture with succulents: Amp up the modern, eclectic wedding vibe by going all-in on succulents. Consider cacti centerpieces for a dreamy desert reception, or add a variety of potted succulents to rustic tables to complete the ultimate earthy experience.
  • Layer lush foliage and colorful blooms: Turn your celebration into a tropical paradise under a canopy of potted banana plants and palm fronds. Alternate vibrant pink and purple phalaenopsis potted orchids for a splash of color on each table.

You can also reuse potted wedding plants at home after the celebration. Repurpose potted ferns in your bathrooms and liven up any corner of the house with a potted tree.

Wake up Your Walls With Hanging Plants

Take advantage of unused vertical space with our incredibly lifelike hanging planters. Give your walls a green makeover and nail the hanging plant trend with these creative ideas:

  1. Bask in a bathroom oasis: Create a spa-like experience with faux hanging plants above a soaking tub. Even small bathrooms look lush with wall-mounted cement wall pots filled with the trailing texture of flocked Spanish moss
  2. Perk up your porch: Line an exterior covered patio or interior sunroom with classic large Boston ferns in hanging pots. Made popular in 19th century Victorian parlors, these timeless plants will never go out of style.
  3. Elevate the office: Plants in hanging pots polish any office setting and keep work surfaces clear. Add instant style to your home office or professional receptionist area with our realistic succulents hanging in ceramic tube vases.
  4. Boost your beams: If your space has tall walls and decorative beams overhead, suspend greenery or artificial hanging orchids from the woodwork at varying heights. Wrap a thick rope around a beam with a planter at both ends for a nautical or farmhouse vibe. 
  5. Greet guests with nature: A wall of mounted white faux Phalaenopsis orchids in driftwood planters exudes elegance in a relaxing home foyer or professional lobby. Energize a contemporary entry with colorful pots filled with fun foliage. 

Pick Your Plant Pot

Selecting the right pot for your plant can emphasize a theme and drastically change the design vibe. We have you covered for every decor style with a vast selection of planter styles, colors, and materials: 

  • Hanging pots: Suspend white ceramic pots filled with trailing plants from cords, leather straps, and macrame holders to add charm on the wall or overhead.
  • Modern metallic pots: Bring shine to modern spaces with metal planters. Add elegance with black nickel planters, or embrace vintage flair with hammered brass pots.
  • Rustic wooden planters: If you like an aged or outdoorsy look, pair potted plants with wood containers to show off the beauty of weathered wood.
  • Stone and terrazzo pots: Cement planters, lava rock vessels, and flecked terrazzo pots look right at home in contemporary and mid-century modern spaces. 
  • Classic clay and ceramics: Layering glazed ceramic pots on a tabletop is the perfect touch for cottage interiors and fairytale wedding centerpieces. 

Purchase Potted Plants Online From Jamali Garden

Purchase Potted Plants Online From Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden is your one-stop wholesale supplier to fill your space with the most lifelike collection of artificial potted plants and trees on the market. Order beautiful, natural-looking potted plants online from Jamali Garden for your next event, wedding, home décor refresh, office update, or interior design project. 

Shop our extensive selection of popular realistic houseplants, succulents, and greenery. We also carry a vast selection of containers, such as pottery, urns, and vases, to complete your potted plant look.