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Buy Scented Candles Online in Bulk

Décor for weddings and events helps give the venue a visually pleasing aesthetic. When planning all of the details for the occasion, consider also sprinkling in some scented candles to appeal to the sense of smell. Choosing to incorporate a signature scent into your design adds a bit of uniqueness to the event.

If you want to buy scented candles wholesale online, shop Jamali Garden. We have many scented candles to choose from, representing a variety of scent families. We are sure to have just the aroma you need to strike the mood. Shop the selection today!

Why Order Scented Candles?

Using scented candles at weddings is becoming a popular trend called "scentscaping." The candle aromas, along with smells from other elements like flowers, help set the mood and create the desired atmosphere through scent. Plus, your signature scent will always remind you of your special day whenever you smell it for years to come.

If you want to use scented candles for your wedding, you can pick a scent based on what mood it evokes. For example, citrus aromas are fresh and energizing. Floral scents are romantic and feminine, and woody fragrances offer depth, richness, and warmth.

You may also reflect on scents associated with meaningful memories. For example, if the wedding proposal happened in the woods, you can commemorate it through a forest scented candle. Another way to choose a scent is based on your wedding theme. Beach-themed nuptials pair well with a coconut scented candle or a sea salt and iris scented candle.

Wonderful Scents for Your Aromatic Needs

The scented candles at Jamali Garden are from major brands such as Blithe & Bonny, Mrs. Meyer's, and Park Hill Collection. The vessels for all three are beautifully designed and will look lovely on their own. For a decorative touch, surround the candle with buds from a colorful flower, like a hot pink hydrangea, or wrap purple flower garland around the base. Set the candle on the bar, near the flower arrangements, or anywhere that will carry your signature scent throughout the venue.

In our selection is a variety of scents, so you are sure to find the right one for your event or even your home. For a natural appeal, use the windswept scented candle or balsam and pine scented candle. If you want floral scents, try the jasmine scented candle or geranium scented candle. Our favorite scents include grapefruit, basil, and hyacinth heliotrope.

Order Scented Candles Wholesale at Jamali Garden

Scented candles are the aromatic touch your wedding or event needs to make it memorable. To bring your signature scent to your venue, order scented candles in bulk from Jamali Garden. Our candles are available year-round, so you can order what you need anytime. With our bulk buying options, you can get the quantities you need for less.

Add what you need to your cart and place your order today. Be sure to shop our flowers, garland, décor items, and more as well to complete the look.