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Tea Lights

Tea lights got their name from their original use, which was warming teapots. Now, tea lights are a lovely addition to many vessels in wedding and event décor. We have sets of tea lights in metal and clear holders, as well as wholesale deep tea lights and liquid tea lights that have a longer burn time.

For outdoor weddings, place an arrangement of tea lights on a petrified wood plate surrounded by pinecones, grey stones, and other natural elements. We also like the look of tea lights nestled in a bowl with pink sea glass for a pop of color.

Votive Candles

A votive candle is a classic lighting option at weddings and events, and it is easy to see why they're such a staple. They look charming either on their own or with other elements, and they can blend in with many different tablescape themes. Jamali Garden has white and ivory 10 and 15-hour votives with no vessel or in glass. If your venue does not allow real candles, we also have LED votive candles. With all of these options, we are sure to have the perfect candle for your décor.

For a stunning table centerpiece, put the votive in a footed candle holder. Wrap snippets of boxwood garland around the holder or scatter red roses at the base. Red roses create a romantic appeal that is ideal for classic style weddings. For a visually pleasing lighting arrangement, put your votives in different kinds of votive holders, like etched glass and smoke pleated glass, and cluster them together.

Pre-Filled Votives

Our pre-filled votive candles are the ideal combination: you get a long-lasting candle and a lovely vessel all in one! Whether your event theme requires a clear, silver, or gold color in a perfect or antiqued finish, Jamali Garden has a plethora of options. Set these candles in the center of your cocktail table, along the aisleway, or anywhere in the venue that needs a warm glow.

Buy Votives and Tea Lights Wholesale Online

Candles bring a cozy and intimate ambiance to weddings and events, whether they are used practically to light up the area, as part of a décor arrangement, or on their own. For all of the candles you need for your venue, buy votive and tea light candles wholesale at Jamali Garden. We have a variety of color and burn time options to meet your needs.