Inspiration for Wholesale Metal Trays

Incorporating a tray into your design is a great way to elevate your next wedding, party, or event. Whatever style or color you choose, your tray will help reduce visual clutter and add variety to any space. Whether you're looking for a small tray for a single candle or a large tray to take center stage in your tablescape, shop our wholesale selection at Jamali Garden.

Elevate Your Tablescape With Metal Trays

Using the right metal tray can help to tie together any themed event. Our metal trays are available in a variety of materials, such as tin or brass. With so many styles to choose from, our trays will help bring your design vision to life at any venue. Check out our tabletop decor ideas for restaurants to enhance your customer's dining experience! Not sure what to put on topof your tray? No worries, we have a guide on how to decorate trays for any space!

Create an Elegant Feel With Traditional Trays

Our traditional trays work well for events ranging from elegant weddings to chic office parties. Whether you need a stylish way to serve treats or a place to corral your decorations, our versatile trays will serve your needs. If you want your venue to shine with beautiful decorations, place pillar candles on our rectangular aluminum tray to illuminate any space.

Vintage Tray Options

If you're looking for a way to add a sweet, antique feel to your event space, browse our selection of antique trays. While these pieces are great for a vintage wedding or party, they also have the range to complement nearly every style, whether your event is contemporary or modern rustic. Lay fresh flowers or candles of varying sizes on our antique silver trays to create a romantic feel.

Display Important Items With Mirror Trays

Add a fun element to any space with our mirror trays. Place items like jewelry on top or go for a whimsical feeling with flowers and candles. Mix and match our mirror trays with other decor options, such as combining our reflective brass and mirror tray with pink peonies in gold rim belly glasses

Add a Fun Touch With Our Decorative Trays

Creating a sense of wonder and whimsy is easier than ever with our metal trays. Explore our gold leaf trays and other options to make a shiny centerpiece your guests will want to stop and admire. Leave our decorative trays empty or place succulents or air votives on top to enhance the natural beauty of this tray's gold finish.

Use Wooden Trays for a Natural Element 

Using wood in your design is a great way to add a distinct rustic charm. Our trays are available in various woods, such as teak, mahogany, and bamboo, to help you find the perfect tray for your tablescape or display. If you're looking for a homespun feel, try one of our wood trunk slices. These slices are perfect for stacking and will look as though they're fresh from the forest.

If your event needs a traditional element, our teak trays work well to serve appetizers or hold pillar candles that cast a beautiful glow. You'll also love options like our wood trunk bowls that add a natural element to any space. Leave this rustic accent as is on your tablescape or fill it with succulents to create an enchanted feeling.

Vintage Tray Options

With trays in materials like mercury glass, gold, brass, and crystal, our selection offers many different decorating ideas to create a vintage feel in any space. Jamali Garden's exclusive round Moroccan ammonoid fossil plate will turn heads and capture attention as an elegant addition to any tablescape. If you're looking for an earthy element, try our lava rock plate. This plate works perfectly to highlight design elements such as lavender or potpourri.

Glass is timeless in any setting, and our square mirror bottom trays will create a vintage feel with a touch of modernity. Place colorful fruit or flowers on this tray to accentuate the mirrored bottom.

Benefits of Shopping Trays Wholesale

When you shop our tray options at Jamali Garden, you'll enjoy benefits that include:


  • Great prices: We offer a discount potential on many of our decor items. When you buy our trays in bulk, you'll be able to get the quantities you need without breaking your budget.
  • Premier product quality: We only carry the best quality trays at Jamali Garden. Our trays are long-lasting and will bring your event to the next level.
  • Fast shipping: If you need trays for your event fast, we have you covered. We ship all of our in-stock items quickly so that you can get the trays you need when you need them.


Shop Our Selection of Trays at Jamali Garden Today

The perfect tray can elevate your decor to the next level. Whether you're looking for trays for your venue or inspiration for your next event, Jamali Garden is your go-to source for unique decor. Browse our selection of trays to find your next favorite decorative element today!


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