Gardens and Planters

Our garden section offers a wide variety of pots and planters in so many styles you're sure to find something to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for simple clay pots for your houseplants and herb gardens or you need something durable for all-weather planting, Jamali Garden has a solution for you.

Once you decide on the perfect planter, take a look at the rest of our supplies, including fertilizers and soils, which will keep your houseplants looking as beautiful as their containers. We also offer many decor and accent options that will add an extra touch to your plants and keep you and your guests admiring them for a long time to come.

Pots and Planters

Our wholesale pots from Jamali Garden are ideal for interior and exterior decorating. Choose from materials including ceramic, wood, terracotta, and stone to embellish your garden or add a bit of greenery to your bedroom window. If you're buying for a large event, such as a wedding, Jamali Garden has bulk buying options to save you money without sacrificing beauty.

Our containers can hold any of our impressive selection of silk flowers and plants, or you can choose a planter with a drainage hole to grow your favorite live flowers and herbs. Products like our Honey Relief Ceramic Pot come with their own saucer, while we also sell saucers on their own to complement your new floral and natural arrangements.

Our fiberstone pots look gorgeous on hardwood floors and cement sidewalks alike. For something a little higher off the ground, try a pot with legs, like our round pot made of white sandstone and wooden pegs. These ficonstone rectangular boxes will look fantastic in your windowsill, or you can string up one of our hanging pots for a more whimsical design. Whatever style you're going for, tie it together with a Jamali Garden planter.

Garden Decor

Decorative elements can add new life to your landscape in minutes with little to no effort. Jamali Garden has plenty of styles to choose from to give your garden a design-minded makeover. Explore some of our most popular options below.


Add a natural, rustic feel to your garden, home, or venue with any of our stone and rock collections. Appreciate the feeling of polished river rocks, or pretend you're on a rocky shoreline with our washed finish stones.


Our bamboo stakes and fences can provide much-needed privacy. An element like our Bamboo Lead Accordion Willow Fence will also make a beautiful backdrop for a photo booth or privacy screen at your home or next event.


As your garden comes together, you'll want to make space to admire it! Add seating and stools to the area so you can enjoy your beautiful landscape in comfort. If you don't want to keep a chair outside permanently, check out our furniture that's easily stored, like the fully-assembled Spontaneity Folding Chair.

Garden Supplies

There are many tools you need to make your garden bloom and Jamali Garden supplies them all. If you're new to gardening or landscaping, pick up a few essentials to get started:

  • Soil: Whether you're using our planters to start an indoor garden or putting your plants right into the ground outside, you'll need nutrient-rich soil to help them settle in. Before you buy, research which soil is best for your plants. Succulents and cacti, for example, need a different soil composition than most flowers.
  • Fertilizer and plant food: Add some fertilizer or plant food spikes to your soil to keep your plants happy.
  • Shears and knives: For pruning and trimming, a pair of garden shears are a must. Pruning will eliminate dead and sick stalks to keep your plants healthy while trimming trains your plants to grow in the direction you want.

As you continue on your gardening journey, check back at Jamali Garden's website for other tools like weed or insect killer, watering cans, and drainage mats.

Shop Today With Jamali Garden

For all your landscaping and gardening needs, Jamali Garden is here to help. Our gorgeous planters will make a statement in any garden, and our decor provides a flair of elegance for any event. For more information on our products or to speak with us directly, you can contact us online today.


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