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Faux Moss

Faux moss is an integral part of the decorating world due to its versatility and natural style. You can use faux moss products to craft unique centerpieces or design a cohesive tablescape with the fresh touch that only our moss will bring. Whether you're creating a rustic interior for a spring or summer wedding or a festive interior for a holiday party, our selection of moss will add the perfect touch of the outdoors to your venue.

At Jamali Garden, our faux moss options will enhance any design vision you have in mind. We'll ensure that your guests are amazed from the moment they step foot inside your venue and make your event truly extraordinary.

Choose Our Faux Moss for a Lush Decoration

We carry an extensive selection of faux moss to match your vision for upcoming celebrations. Whether you're planning a wedding, a bridal shower, or another event, our designs have unique textures and rich green hues to make any display more inspiring.

Our faux moss products are adaptable to suit a wide range of designs and themes. Add them to your tablescape as unique centerpieces or combine them with our other moss products and silk flowers for charming forest accents everyone will love. You can even create a moss-covered path to guide your guests around your venue or design a natural and stunning aisle at a wedding.

Green Moss Mat

Our green moss mat design is incredibly lush and multidimensional due to the variegated green hues throughout the mat. This mat also contains patches of moss with varying heights, crevices, and textures so realistic guests will think it's real, whether they're up close or far away.

Due to its unique patterning, our green moss mat is also exceptionally versatile. It can function as a natural backdrop for photos or make your spring-ready centerpiece stand out from across the room. You can even incorporate an urn or vase to make your contemporary decor blend smoothly with the organic atmosphere. 

Leaf and Moss Mat

If you want to incorporate a stunning moss design perfect for any venue, trust our artificial leaf and moss mat. We've crafted this mat with meticulous attention to detail so you can use it alongside succulents and floral arrangements. Our moss mat will make your designs look even more natural — as if they grew inside your venue! You can even create a leaf and moss wall for an extravagant look, giving your event an organic focal point and elegant design that transforms the space. 

Flocked Moss Mat

To achieve a genuine moss appearance, showcase our square flocked moss mat with other natural decor elements. Your arrangements will stand out when you combine our moss with topiaries or eye-catching wildflowers and poppies.

This mat's lush detailing is ideal for use alongside other materials, like marble or stone. Mixing these textures with our faux moss mats is a great way to create an inspiring natural centerpiece for a wedding reception or another special event. If you want to display our faux moss individually, you can create a path on the ground or place mats on tables or seating. 

Place an Order for Wholesale Faux Moss Today

Looking to transform your venue with faux moss products? At Jamali Garden, we want to help bring your vision to life. We offer bulk-buying options to purchase wholesale faux moss. Purchasing our designs wholesale lets you decorate your entire venue and transport your guests into another world at a great price. No matter which moss mats you order, their high quality and rich colors will exceed your expectations and enhance the rest of your interior decor.

Browse our selection of faux moss products to find the option that's right for your event, or combine our different designs to handcraft a display that's entirely your own. Place an order for wholesale faux moss today and make the most of your space!


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