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Seasonal Ribbons

When you want ribbons for decorative projects and events, you can always find them at Jamali Garden. In addition to our other fine seasonal decor products, we offer page after page of the finest ribbons on the market. Browse around to discover the ideal ribbon to complete your next display.

Buy seasonal ribbons today from Jamali Garden’s online store. We’ll ship everything in your shopping cart fast.

Types of Seasonal Ribbons Available

When is a ribbon not just a ribbon? When it comes from Jamali Garden, of course! We offer tons of seasonal ribbons to satisfy all your needs. Check out some of the variations you’ll find among our ribbons.


  • Glitter ribbons: Need a little touch of sparkle for a floral display or to wrap around a Christmas tree? Glitter ribbons reflect light, especially tree “twinkle lights.” Choose from multiple colors and bring dazzle into your next display.
  • Ribbed ribbons: A bit of ribbing adds visual interest and monochrome stripes to any ribbon. Ribbed ribbons tend to look bigger than their actual size because of the detail. Use this kind of ribbon when you want your design to stand out rather than just blend in.
  • Grid ribbons: The gridwork in the fabric of a grid ribbon provides a see-through appearance. Grid ribbons can mimic the appearance of burlap or other all-natural fibers. These ribbons allow you to use a ribbon without completely blocking out what’s behind it, such as a beautiful vase.
  • Wired ribbons: If you need a ribbon that will consistently hold its shape, reach for a wired one such as a dupioni ribbon. Wired ribbons contain a thin wire around the outside edges. The wire is hidden from view but allows you to bend the ribbon into place. 
  • Embroidered and ornate ribbons: What could be classier than a beautifully embroidered ribbon? Embroidery turns a simple ribbon into an opulent, elegant addition to your displays and designs. Look through Jamali’s many embroidered and ornately decorated ribbons to find one that fits your event or wedding theme.
  • Grosgrain ribbons: The grosgrain ribbon was traditionally used in garment-making several centuries ago. Today, many people still like to use grosgrain ribbons in their designs and projects. Grosgrain ribbon fabric tends to be heavy and corded. It comes in plenty of delightful hues, including pastels, which are great for spring gatherings and displays.
  • Mirror ribbons: When your ribbon has to shine beyond belief, grab some mirror ribbons. These ribbons reflect light, stand out and become the center of attention!
  • Satin ribbons: Satin ribbons are a popular choice for wrapping Christmas and birthday presents. Creating a holiday tree display complete with faux packages? Use satin ribbons to construct lush-looking boxes wrapped for the giving season. The satin finish presents just a touch of shine to impress visitors.
  • Diamond bead ribbons: These eclectic ribbons give you the chance to get colorful and fun when you need a different kind of gift topper or vase wrapper.
  • Wool roping: Along with ribbons, Jamali Garden proudly offers several colors of wool roping. Like ribbons, wool roping can help you finish off any project, such as a tabletop display. You can also use wool roping to string up ornaments or similar hanging pieces.


Clever Ideas for Using Seasonal Ribbons

Aside from the typical ways that you can use a ribbon, Jamali Garden is happy to recommend a few novel purposes for these versatile decorations:


  • Create origami ornaments from ribbons: If you’re into the art of origami, look for opportunities to make ornaments and other items out of ribbon material. Not all origami has to be paper, after all!
  • Add a ribbon border to lampshades and other unadorned furnishings: Ribbons can elevate any type of furnishing, from a lampshade to the brim of a hat. Use ribbons for an extra pop of color or texture.
  • Weave ribbons into hairdos for special occasions: Many people like to use ribbons as accent pieces in elaborate updos and hairstyles for weddings and other special events. 
  • Create standout costumes with ribbons: What makes a winning Halloween costume one to remember? It could be all in the ribbons.
  • Let kids play with ribbons during events: Kids love crafting, so why not pull together a special area for them to craft to their heart’s desire at your next gathering? Give them safety scissors, ribbons, and other materials and let them create.
  • Make your own holiday wrapping bows: Why purchase pre-made bows when you can buy ribbons and construct unique bows that are perfectly suited to your needs? Find creative bow styles online and make your vision a reality.


Buy Seasonal Ribbons and Other Fine Merchandise and Decor

No matter what kind of seasonal ribbons you want, you can find them at Jamali Garden at great wholesale prices. 

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