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  1. 4in Black Terrazzo Bowl
    4in Black Terrazzo Bowl
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Ceramic Vases

The earthy, neutral, and rustic undertones of ceramic vases make them beautiful and striking in an understated way. Ceramic vases provide the ultimate versatility, pairing exceptionally with various flowers, plants, and other decorative accessories. When you purchase these items wholesale, you get specialized prices, enabling you to afford more items to complement your other decor.

White Ceramic Vases and Various Color Options

Creating memorable centerpieces for weddings and events while keeping things contemporary and on-trend is a tall order. Jamali Garden provides an extensive range of white ceramic vases as well as a variety of other colors, helping elevate your event. The Oslo medium black potAcapulco white sandstone mini bud vase, and white marble Tuscan column vase are sophisticated and versatile, enabling you to use them for various events and themes.  

Ceramic Vases for Centerpieces and Statement Items

These wholesale ceramic vases at specialized prices make striking centerpieces and statement items. The white porcelain bud vase set pairs beautifully with single-stem flowers, like the red faux poppy, the glittered white feather peony, or the single anemone spray.

The Akazu earth bud vase set perfectly combines contemporary and traditional aesthetics. Pair the Japanese pottery with the snipped antique hydrangea bouquetlight green half-moon peony, or trimmed white magnolia spray for a captivating focal point.

Timeless Ceramic Vases in Bulk

Jamali Garden offers an extensive range of ceramic vases for flowers and other decor with various textures, shades, sizes, and designs to make your events exceptional. Through international fair trade partnerships and local connections, you can find unique, striking pieces. Jamali Garden has a vast inventory of in-stock items, meaning you get beautiful vases at wholesale availability and specialized prices.

Shop Ceramic Vases in Bulk at Jamali Garden

Ceramic vases, pots, and planters are the perfect statement pieces for weddings and events. At Jamali Garden, you get the vases in the amount you need and shipped to you quickly. Shop our ceramic bouquet vases and other decor items at wholesale prices when you buy them in bulk.

Create striking centerpiece designs — shop Jamali Garden today!


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