Christmas Decor Guide for Event Planners

Your Go-To Guide for All Things Christmas

Deck the halls — and hotels, restaurants, churches, and other venues — with sparkling boughs of holly to turn your holiday events into a glittering winter wonderland. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding or decorating a hotel lobby for the holiday season, you need attention-getting ideas to impress your clients.

Our guide to decorating for Christmas can give you a big assist. It covers topics such as decorating Christmas trees on a budget, using string lights and mercury glass, and creating one-of-a-kind Christmas centerpieces — practical decorating ideas you can implement quickly and easily. You’ll find out how to buy Christmas décor for events that pull your vision together and produce stunning results.

The Perfect Christmas Party Décor Ideas for Event Planners

Event planning requires so many aspects all coming together into one coordinated period of fun, and it takes a lot of work to get to that result. When you’re managing everything from the caterer and the entertainment to the decorations, you may not have time to sort through the latest trends to figure out what will work for your event.

Making the most of your time and budget lets you fashion a memorable display of Christmas pageantry this holiday season. Even if you’re working within a budget, focusing on a few key elements in your holiday decorating scheme transforms the venue into a beautiful backdrop — and turns a memorable event into something much more magical.

Chrismas Decor For Events

When planning your Christmas event decor design, several factors come into play. Identifying them early in the process helps you make decisions as your decorating plans take shape. Keep the following things in mind as you plan your party decorations:

  • Budget
  • Venue type
  • Venue size
  • Architectural elements in the venue, such as fireplaces or columns
  • Number of guests
  • Type of event
  • Style of the event
  • Theme of the event

Start Planning for Your Event With Our Christmas Décor Guide

Jamali Garden is your go-to source for products and inspiration. Our selection includes the Christmas supplies, lights, wreaths, trees, and other materials you’ll need to get your event decorations rolling. As a wholesale source of supplies for event planners and other professionals just like you, Jamali Garden delivers quality products in the quantities you need without exceeding your event budget.

Christmas party event planning just got so much easier. By using our suggestions, you can spend less time searching Pinterest for the latest holiday trends and more time working on your event, so everything goes off without a hitch. Dive into our Christmas decorating guide to explore our best Christmas décor tips for event planners.

Chapter 1: How to Decorate A Christmas Tree on a Budget

Designer Christmas trees deliver the dazzle you aim for with each event you plan, but elegant decorating ideas can quickly eat up your event budget. It’s possible to decorate a full-size tree for under $100 if you get creative. Being resourceful with your Christmas tree décor for events means you can organize a striking tree or grouping to serve as a decorating cornerstone while leaving money in the budget for other things.

Decorating A Christmas Tree on a Budget for Event

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Professionally Without Blowing Your Budget

Since the tree will be a prominent part of your event décor, you want it to be spectacular. A few easy tips ensure your tree comes out picture-perfect:

1. Find the Right Type of Christmas Tree

The tree itself is important. If you opt for an artificial tree, select one with full, realistic-looking branches. Once you assemble the tree, fluff the branches to appear fuller. If you’re going for a specific theme, consider a white tree or one with pine cones and snowy accents. By choosing a unique tree that already has some embellishments on it, you can cut down on the number of decorations you need.

2. Add the Christmas Lights

Start with the lights as the first decoration once you have the tree in position. Save yourself time on this step, too, by choosing a pre-lit Christmas tree. The lights are already attached and spread around the tree, so you can skip on to the decorations.

If you go the old-fashioned route without pre-lit branches, string the lights along the individual branches instead of wrapping them around the tree’s perimeter. This method takes longer and requires more lights, but it also gives the tree more depth.

String Lights for Christmas Tree

Starting at the bottom of the tree, run a strand of lights along the bottom edge of one branch from the trunk to the outer tip of the branch. Loop the strand over the top of the branch to hold it in place, and wind it around the branch as you go back toward the trunk.

Repeat with every branch, working your way up the tree. Once you get to the branches at eye level, run the lights along the top of the branch first, then loop the strand down along the bottom edge as you go back toward the trunk.

Find Garland That Complements Your Tree’s Theme

The next addition to a professionally decorated tree is the garland. This element adds depth and fills out the tree. A thick garland like a mercury glass ball garland draped around the tree also cuts down on the number of ornaments you need to fill out the branches, so it can save you time and money.

Virtually any type of garland goes well on a tree:

When you hang the garland, start several inches below the top. Attach the garland to the tree using floral wire, so it doesn’t shift as you decorate. Drape the garland around the tree, sloping down toward the bottom as you go. There is no magic formula for the amount of drape, amount of space, or number of times the garland should circle the tree, so go with what appeals to you.

Leave more space between thick garlands, so it doesn’t overwhelm the tree. It really comes down to trial and error! Position the garland, and step back to see it. Adjust the spacing and arrangement before you wire it to the tree. You don’t want the garland to be too tight or pull on the branch.

Find the Right Balance of Ornaments for the Tree

The ornaments cap off the tree decorating process. Your ideal ornaments depend largely on the tree theme and what you want to achieve. Choosing ornaments of varying sizes, designs, and colors increases variety on the tree, but you can also focus on one or two primary ornament types.

Before you start hanging the ornaments, lay them out to get a sense of the arrangement. Space out your large ornaments to balance the tree. Separate the ornaments you want to stand out the most. Put those ornaments at eye level, in spots people will see first.

Decorating Christmas Tree With Ornaments

Once you have the ornaments organized, start placing them on the tree, beginning with large and prominent pieces. Add smaller ornaments around them to fill in the tree. You don’t have to fill every branch for a magnificent tree – ornaments are easier to see when they have some space between them. As you decorate, step back from the tree to check the balance of the ornaments. Adjust positioning as needed, or add more decorations in areas that seem bare.

Creative Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree on a Budget

A little imagination gives you the tree decorating supplies you need for a superb display without spending your entire decorating budget. You can often find things you already have on hand or repurpose items for an unusual Christmas tree display that people stop and take note of. Decorate a Christmas tree for under $100 with these tricks.

1. Buy Wholesale Christmas Tree Décor

As an event planner, you can maximize your budget when you buy modern and traditional Christmas tree décor wholesale. The lower price lets you get more for your money and fill out the tree. You can also buy in bulk to fill out the tree while saving more money by purchasing the larger quantities.

At Jamali Garden, we sell many ornaments in sets of six, for less than $10 per set. Combine a couple of those with one higher-priced statement piece and a bunch of inexpensive ones, and you can stay well within your spending limit.

2. Use Personal Items

Found items from your client add a personal touch to the display while keeping the costs low. Small framed pictures work well, especially for events like winter-themed weddings or anniversaries. Try other small keepsakes or personal items if they fit the concept of the tree.

3. Decorate With Non-Traditional Items

You don’t have to stick to items labeled as Christmas tree ornaments to get amazing results. Find something that fits your scheme even if it isn’t an ornament. You can showcase a small lantern, for example. You may already have some of these items around your office from previous events. Even if you buy new pieces, you can use them throughout the year at other events instead of only pulling them out at the holidays.

4. Choose Prominent Pieces Carefully

Pick a few focal pieces on the tree and fill in the rest with inexpensive ornaments. Those focuses might be large or intricately detailed ornaments, or you can leave a big impression with something unexpected, like a few snowy pine cone wreaths or colorful cardinal figurines. Your focal points draw attention to the gorgeous tree, and you save money by using inexpensive fillers.

Overall, that can be less than $100 spent on Christmas tree décor — and chances are you will have enough to decorate more than one tree.

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

A theme for your tree ties together all the elements for a cohesive, professional design. You can also whittle down the number of ornaments and other decorations to ensure everything fits. Think about the inspiration for the event or the tone your clients want. Consider these for your next holiday event.

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

1. Memory Christmas Tree

Mark a wedding, anniversary, or other special occasions with a tree dedicated to the past. This option keeps the costs down because most of the decorations are personal items from your client. Place personal photos in mini frames with ribbons as hangers to decorate the tree. You might also include things like photocopies of handwritten notes or items special to the couple. Mix in the personal items with simple ornaments and garland to round things out and fill in blank spaces.

2. Metallic Glory Christmas Tree

A metallic theme boosts the dazzle of the tree. Purchase a variety of ornaments and decorations in a metallic color. Stick with a specific color, like gold or silver, or mix the two. Silver glitter pine cone ornaments are just one example of fun décor. You can also rely on metallic garland to boost the glimmer. Naked wire lights work seamlessly because the wire disappears into the tree.

3. Coastal Charm Christmas Tree

For a beach-themed event or a holiday event in a coastal area, center the tree additions around ocean elements. Tuck seashells and starfish between the branches. This conveys a casual vibe and summery feeling even in the middle of winter.

4. Jewel Tones Christmas Tree

Jewel tones pop against the tree and add a richness to the design. Include various jewel-toned ornaments and ribbons as garlands. Hawaiian blue shiny glass ornaments add the jewel tone color with the dazzling effect of the shiny finish. Add diamond bead lightbulb ornaments for a fun twist on the tree. Turquoise crystal ornaments give a modern look to tree decorating.

5. Monochromatic Christmas Tree

For a subtle approach, opt for tree decorations in a single color for a beautiful monochromatic design. White is a classic that works well for winter. Pull in a variety of decorations using that color. For a white theme, check out the frosted acrylic drop ornament, white glitter mushroom, and white glass balls. Round out the look with snowball garland.

6. Americana Christmas Tree

Show a patriotic side with an Americana-themed tree. Stick with a red, white, and blue color palette with your decorations, lights, garlands, and other accents. Red ornament options include red hearts, red stud bows, and shiny red plastic balls. Pull in white with LED lit snowballs or matte pearl glass balls. White bead star ornaments add to the patriotic theme. For a touch of blue, add shiny blue plastic balls to the tree. Tuck mini flags into the tree branches for patriotic flair.

7. Mittens and Ice Skates Christmas Tree

Take a more general winter approach with a mitten and ice skates theme. Decorate the tree with mittens — either real or mitten ornaments. Shop at thrift stores for assorted mittens to keep costs low if you prefer the real thing. Add ice skating-themed ornaments to round out the design.

8. Gifts Christmas Tree

Instead of only stacking gifts under the tree, put them on the tree for a bold statement. Wrap empty boxes of varying sizes, and add ribbons and bows for a cheap decoration. Buy a single type of wrapping paper, or mix papers with a common color or design element.  

9. Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

Drape the tree in white, snowy decorations to emphasize a winter wonderland theme. Clear ice drop picks add texture and a reflective quality to the wintery look. Spray some snow blast spray on the branches for additional snowy fun.

10. Rustic Christmas Tree

Capitalize on the natural wonder of a Christmas tree with a rustic decorating theme. Buy a mini pine cone and acorn garland in place of traditional tree garland. Red plaid accents work well, as do ornaments shaped like animals.

All You Need Is Love Christmas Tree

Embrace a love theme for a winter wedding or anniversary. Start with a white tree, and cover the tree in red decorations like heart-shaped glass ornaments, red ribbon, and red bows.

Tips on Decorating a Christmas Tree for Your Client’s Event

You’ve decided you want a Christmas tree in your client’s holiday event décor. You’ve chosen your theme, and you’ve started gathering the decorations. Keep these tips in mind when putting together your Christmas trees:

  • Don’t get too caught up in how to decorate a perfect Christmas tree. It’s more art than science, and there’s more than one way to decorate a beautiful tree. Follow your instincts, experiment, and go with what pleases your client.
  • Size the tree based on the venue size. A towering tree in a low-ceiling room seems out of place. Likewise, a 4-foot tree gets swallowed in a venue with high ceilings or in an expansive hotel lobby.
  • Stagger trees of various heights for a strong visual impact.
  • Think about scale and balance. It’s okay to have a few larger decorations if they aren’t too overwhelming for the size of the tree. Balance what the eye sees.
  • Decorate around the base of the tree with artificial snow and presents. Wrap empty boxes as faux present accents. If you’re going for a classic Christmas feel, add a toy train around the base of the tree.

Christmas trees give you a lot of bang for your buck when you rely on thrifty yet gorgeous techniques to decorate them. Position decorated trees strategically throughout your event venue to wow everyone who walks through the doors.