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  1. Mini Greenhouse Bowl, Set of 4
    Mini Greenhouse Bowl, Set of 4
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Wholesale Glass Flower Bowls

Whether you're planning a wedding or another exciting event, you want to dazzle your guests with a venue and decor that leaves people speechless. Let Jamali Garden introduce you to our flower bowls. You can fill these wide-mouthed vessels with anything your heart desires.

Fish Bowl Vases

Fishbowls are one of the most engaging and relaxing centerpiece shapes you can use as a centerpiece on your tables. They're short enough that people can converse from across the table and large enough to let items float if you fill the bowl with water. With enough water, flowers and candles can drift upon the surface. You can even add dye to the water to enhance your color scheme.

Our fishbowls for centerpieces come in various sizes. One unique bowl, the glass fishbowl terrarium, is a piece that many wedding planners and florists fill with succulents and greenery. These six-inch bowls are fantastic pieces for adding color to the corners of tables and the ends of an aisle.

Pedestal Bowls

Pedestal bowls are very similar to fish bowls, except each vessel has a stand attached. If you have a table or another surface that needs a statement centerpiece, consider using a pedestal bowl. At Jamali Garden, you can buy glass pedestal bowls wholesale. 

One of our options is the antique catora bowl. Its ribbed pattern has a frosted purple coating stolen from another time. This vintage-inspired bowl is perfect for romantic or historical themes, and you can complement its beauty with flowers and battery-operated candles. 

Glass Bowls Online

Jamali Garden has glass bowls that vary in size and shape. If you're looking for shallow basins, you'll love this glass bowl set. At four inches high, you can fill these vessels with water and floating objects. Consider creating more unconventional arrangements within the boundaries using glass beads and signs numbering each table.

Glass Bowls for Centerpieces Wholesale

Enjoy endless decorative possibilities when ordering glass flower bowls wholesale. Jamali Garden has everything you need to make the perfect centerpieces and decor for your big day. We have the inventory for you to buy glass bowl vases in bulk or individually for a mix-and-match theme. Start your order today!