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Buy wholesale birdcages

Wholesale birdcages are an excellent choice for original and striking décor.

Whether you’re styling an event, a wedding, a store, a restaurant or your own home, a decorative birdcage makes a standout feature your guests or visitors are sure to admire.

Here at Jamali Garden we offer a range of wholesale decorative birdcages in a variety of different colors and styles. Each and every one of them is beautifully crafted and sure to take center stage in any design scheme.

Vintage birdcage décor

Incorporate birdcages into your décor and you create instant vintage charm.

Ornate metalwork and lustrous metallic finishes help to evoke an era of old world glamour, whilst white and decorative wooden bird cages really up the romance.

You can just picture the airy orangeries and elegant drawing rooms in which birdcages like these would once have sat.

If you love a vintage scheme, vintage birdcage décor is a sure-fire way to bring your vision to life. Whether you opt for a shabby chic birdcage or picture-perfect metallics, there’s no doubting the antique air it brings to proceedings.

Where can you use an ornamental birdcage?

There are so many settings suited to ornamental birdcage décor.

Decorative birdcages for weddings and events

Weddings and other big events are an obvious choice. As well as vintage and romantic events, antique brass birdcages work well as part of an industrial scheme.

Use a collection of mismatched birdcages to create a whimsical or eclectic look. Or pick out birdcages with clean, simple lines if you’re imagining something altogether more contemporary.

Decorative birdcages for your business

Birdcages make a quirky focal point on the bar of a store or restaurant, particularly when they’re filled with beautiful and colorful blooms.

Decorative birdcages for your home

At home, you could use hanging birdcage decoration to create a suspended centerpiece over a garden party table. When day turns to night, fill with candles for a truly magical scene.

But a Jamali Garden ornamental birdcage doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions. They make a wonderful home or garden terrace accessory. Use them in lieu of a vase or planter, adding in some artificial flowers or a few lush, green plants.

How to create birdcage centerpieces

Whether you’re planning a wedding or another big event, birdcage centerpieces are a unique and striking option.

They give height to an arrangement and make the perfect base for other centerpiece accessories.

So how do you go about creating a birdcage centerpiece? There are a number of different approaches you can take.

First of all, ensure that the ornamental birdcage you choose has the right finish for your venue. For example, if you have other gold metallic elements in a room, opt for a golden birdcage.

Secondly, you need to decide how to style your birdcage centerpiece. Take a look at the ideas below for some inspiration.


Fill your decorative bird cages with flowers and foliage. We think it looks amazing when blooms are literally bursting out of the birdcage. It gives a really opulent and extravagant look.

Choose from real flowers or silk ones. You can create varied bouquets or fill your birdcage with just one type of flower. Baby’s breath is an incredible option if you’ve chosen a clean and simple color scheme.

But there are other ways you can use florals with your birdcage centerpiece. You can wrap a wreath of flowers around the base of your birdcage. Or slot a few roses through the metalwork and drape with pearls for a truly romantic effect.


Candlelight is the obvious choice for beautiful vintage style birdcages. Birdcage centerpieces look simply breathtaking with a pillar candle or two burning brightly inside.

Tea lights or votive holders are another good option. And we think a string of LED fairy lights wound around inside a birdcage looks stunning as well.


Why not be a little playful with your birdcage centerpieces? What could be more perfect for a birdcage than birds?

We’re not talking about creating a real aviary. But using striking, artificial birds to create a playful and whimsical scene. Attach them to the outside of your birdcages before working in some florals.


Many modern brides are opting for foliage rather than florals. And succulents are an exciting and original option. Use your birdcages as terrariums and fill the base with a variety of beautiful succulent plants.

A few other ideas for birdcage wedding décor  

Incorporate hanging birdcage decoration

Pick one of our decorative birdcages with a hook and you can hang them wherever you please.

Planning an outdoor wedding? Our bird cages could be hung from trees and filled with florals, candles or LED fairy lights.

Even indoors, you can use decorative hanging birdcage stands to add extra height and drama to your arrangements. Or to create a suspended centerpiece.

Use birdcages on your escort card table

Choose a large decorative birdcage for your escort card table. Use it purely as decoration – filled with candles or flowers – or repurpose your birdcage as a quirky mailbox for wedding cards and well wishes.

Get decorative birdcages online

Shop with Jamali Garden to find high quality, decorative birdcages online. We have birdcages in a range of styles and sizes – something for every occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a single stand-out item or want to bulk order birdcages for an event, we make the process simple and easy. Get fast shipping and great discounts when you order in bulk.

Make a statement with our beautiful but affordable decorative birdcages. Or browse our store for more exceptional décor items.