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Decorative rocks, geodes and fossils can be used to great effect as part of interior or event décor.

Whether you’re designing a scheme for your home, your store or your next event, the unique color, shape and meaning of these ancient forms brings beauty and individuality.

At Jamali Garden, we have a wide range of rocks, geodes and fossils to choose from.

Types of geodes

Amethyst geode

Amethyst is the birthstone for people born in February and amethyst geodes come in a range of purple tones.

This semi-precious stone is said to alleviate negative emotions – like stress, fear and anger. An amethyst geode promotes spiritual wisdom, sincerity and humility.

Calcite geode

Spectacularly clean, white calcite geodes contain carbon, calcium and oxygen. This striking geode rock is found in the earth’s crust.

As its appearance would suggest, calcite is thought to possess a cleansing power. It calms the mind and stimulates insight.

Celestite geode

Celestite geodes are the beautiful blue color of the sky – which is how they got their name. It’s also why they’ve long been associated with heaven and angels.

Celestite geode rock brings balance, mental calm and clarity.

Types of decorative rocks


Labradorite is a dark colored stone with a beautiful iridescent effect. As light plays on its surface, you can see tones of peacock blue, gold, copper red, and pastel green.

These decorative rocks get their name from the place in which they were first discovered – Labrador in Canada.

Labradorite is seen as a stone of transformation, bringing clarity, joy and a renewed sense of adventure to your life.

Rose quartz

We love the romantic pink tones of rose quartz. Look closely and you’ll see shades of nearly white as well as deep rose tones across its translucent surface.

Rose quartz is renowned as a stone of emotional healing. It is said to activate the heart chakra and intuitive centers of the body. This beautiful stone is believed to promote love, joy and togetherness.


Agate is a mineral belonging to the quartz family. You can find agate in pretty much any color you can think of. Here at Jamali Garden, we’ve picked out an agate ball that contains dramatic shades of dark blue.  

Agate is thought to improve your concentration, perception and analytical abilities.


Jasper is an opaque quartz rock. It often has red, brown or yellow tones owing to its high iron content.

Jasper represents courage, determination and tenacity. It is said to banish insecurities and encourage honesty in confronting problems.


Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum. These stunning decorative rocks have an ethereal, frost-like appearance.

Selenite is used for good luck and protection. This stone is thought to clear, open and activate the crown and higher chakras.


Tourmaline is the birthstone for people born in October. Its name comes from the Sinhalese word for mixed colored stone, tura mali.

This beautiful, multi-toned decorative rock is seen as a talisman – a protector against negative energy. It promotes feelings of power and self-confidence and is thought to align the energy centers of the body.

Types of decorative pebbles


These stunning light blue pebbles are only found in Peru. Angelite has a calm, soothing energy. It’s said to promote spirituality and a unification between emotion and intellect.


You can see where leopardite got its name. These decorative pebbles are a form of jasper and always have distinctive leopard-like spots. It is believed that leopardite can help with emotional stress by promoting a sense of grounding and protection.


Serpentine is a beautiful green stone that comes in various different shades. It can help you to feel grounded and connected to mother earth and is also known for its healing powers.

Here at Jamali Garden, our angelite, leopardite and serpentine stones have been tumbled into decorative pebbles, making them shiny and smooth to touch.

Types of decorative fossils

Petrified wood

Petrified wood is fossilized wood. Wood becomes stone through a process known as permineralization. These decorative fossils teach patience and have a wonderful grounding energy.

Shark tooth fossil

Shark tooth fossils come from extinct species of shark that lived millions of years ago. Teeth have undergone a process of permineralization and transformed into stone.


Ammonite is the fossil of an extinct marine mollusk. The exquisite fossilized shells have beautiful patterning and an iridescent finish. Ammonite’s spiral shape is said to filter negative energy, transforming it into positivity and healing.

How to use rocks, geodes & fossils as part of your design scheme

Now you’ve got to know our rocks, geodes and fossils, along with their meanings – how can you use them as part of your design scheme?


Geode themed wedding schemes are more popular than ever. Geodes bring sophisticated color and interest to wedding décor. You can incorporate them into wedding stationery, the wedding cake and, of course, wedding centerpieces.

Scatter geode rock along the length of a banquet table or place them between florals and candles in a traditional centerpiece.

Candleholders & vases

Some of the beautiful decorative rocks we’ve listed above have been transformed into stylish candleholders and vases. The color and texture of the rock looks simply stunning paired with beautiful blooms or flickering candlelight.

We also love seeing clear glass vases filled with our colorful decorative pebbles. They make a great base for faux silk flowers.

Standalone style

Some of our larger geode, rock and fossil items can be used alone as a striking ornament for shelves, mantels and store counters.

Find fossils, rocks and geodes for sale at Jamali Garden

Want to decorate your home or an event space with geode rocks, decorative rocks or fossils? There are plenty of options to choose from at Jamali Garden.

Whether you want to buy a single item or need to purchase rocks, geodes and fossils in bulk, the process couldn’t be easier.

Just check out with your items and, thanks to our speedy delivery options, you’ll have them with you in a matter of days.