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Wholesale Silk Daisies, Lilacs & More

At Jamali Garden, we have the largest selection of high-quality silk flowers. From popular blooms to hard-to-find varieties like artificial clematis, artificial lilac, silk ranunculus, artificial gerbera daisies, and many other specialty stems, you can trust Jamali Garden.  

If you’re an event planner or interior designer, you will love being able to get high-end silk flowers in quantities you won’t find anywhere else. Turn any permanent arrangement into a customized work of art with our silk flowers, whether you're looking to make an artificial flower all, some bouquets, or lovely centerpieces.

Realistic Looking Silk Flowers

Our standards of selection are high. We only buy from detail-oriented silk crafters who can deliver beautiful, life-like works of art. You’ll have to look very closely to determine whether or not our silk flowers are real. There's plenty to admire about our artificial flowers:

  • - The shade variation between the purple and light pink of our Artificial Clematis is so subtle and realistic, you’ll be tempted to smell them. Use them together for a spectrum of pink or as a contrasting accent with flowers of a totally different color.
  • - The ripples in the petals of our Silk Ranunculus flowers are as exquisite as any you’ll find in nature. Pair these whimsical blooms with small delicate buds for a burst of stunning visual delight. Can we be more specific in this last sentence with other, named flowers.
  • - The leaves and flowers of the Stephanotis Spray are perfectly delicate. The life-like, scaled to size creation is exact. These beauties provide such an easy way to add a pop of dimension to any space.

Long-Lasting Bursts of Color

When you buy silk flowers from Jamali Garden, we promise constant floral perfection that would fool even Mother Nature herself. From our silk daisies to silk sunflowers, you'll find that:

  • - Artificial flowers and vines can withstand being handled and arranged multiple times without wilting or dropping a single petal. You will love being able to design and reuse our flowers and vines to get the look just right time after time.
  • - Unlike fashion trends and fads, artificial flowers are timeless. Arrangement styles and vase designs may change with the day’s aesthetic, but the flowers in them are constant. You have every reason to indulge in enduring variations that never go out of style.

Affordable and Budget-Friendly Beauties

Event planners, window display designers, and restaurant owners know the value of resilient, lasting décor items such as artificial floral arrangements. Benefits of buying silk flowers include:

  • - Wholesale pricing makes our artificial silk flowers a smart investment for your business. You can provide your clients with any quantity needed for their celebration with our affordable florals.
  • - Unlike fresh flowers, silk flowers and sprays can be repurposed from one space or event to another. This kind of flexibility is convenient and cost-effective for smart business owners.
  • - We want to help make your business prosper by saving you money. The savings you can pass on to your clients will make everyone happy. Grow your business beautifully.

Browse the selection of silk flowers we have available and see why our products inspire great events today!