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Preserved Boxwood

At Jamali Garden, we pride ourselves on creating stunning decorations for every event. Our preserved boxwood is as versatile as it is eye-catching, making it perfect for any holiday party, wedding, or celebration. Our unique boxwood designs will transform any space into a lush and lively atmosphere that will amaze every guest with its realistic features.

We carry a wide range of boxwood designs, including garland for staircases, mats for floors, topiaries for doorways, and more. Our high-quality designs make it easy for you to transport your guests into an outdoor setting from the privacy of your venue, making your event one to remember.

Boxwood Topiaries

Our boxwood topiaries add variation to your decor due to their height. We offer different sizes, such as half 10-inch boxwood ball topiaries to 31-inch boxwood cone topiaries. Our range of silhouettes will also add dimension, as we offer a set of round, spiral, and square topiaries to provide even more variety. Whatever product you select, our preserved boxwood is ideal for creating unforgettable tablescapes or adding an enchanting focal piece. You can display boxwood with twinkly lights or pillar candles to create an even more intimate atmosphere. 

Preserved Boxwood Balls

While you feature our topiaries on the floor of your venue, you can also use small, potted boxwood balls to decorate other areas, such as shelves or tables. These preserved boxwood designs make stunning, lush centerpieces that complement the rest of your design. You can also showcase boxwood balls at a bar area to ensure that your decor ties the whole room together. Our preserved boxwood balls will look stunning in any display, from rustic paper mache pots to marble-like planters.

Full Boxwood Wreaths

Whether it's the holiday season or you're planning for a spring wedding, our boxwood wreaths can make the most of your event with their deep-green hue and natural design features. We carry 18-inch preserved boxwood wreaths along with more large-scale options, such as our 24-inch boxwood wreath. To decorate an entire wall with our green foliage and make your venue as extravagant as possible, opt for our set of ribboned boxwood wreaths. These wreaths will add an element of freshness to any elegant event or occasion. 

Boxwood Garland and Mats

If you want your venue to appear unforgettably fresh, we carry 6-foot preserved boxwood garlands that you can display anywhere. Our garlands are versatile, making them ideal for multiple placements. You can loop garlands around banisters, hang them around the mantle, or simply place them on a table or bar.

You can also cover your floor or select areas of your venue with our square preserved boxwood mats. These squares are an effective way to completely transform your venue. Make your guests feel as if they've been transported into an enchanting world with natural-looking boxwood mats.

Order Preserved Boxwood Wholesale

 Browse our wide selection of boxwood designs and order your boxwood products today to blow your guests away and make your vision a reality.


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