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  1. mercury glass bud vases
    2x4 Antique Silver Cylinders, Set of 6
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Arranging a romantic wedding reception, an elegant event, or a gently-lit gathering? There’s no better way to illuminate your intentions and complement your design than with the soft, subtle light from tea lights or votive candles. Small and unobtrusive but unquestionably intimate, enchanting, and elegant, these little lights create a classy glow that will imprint your event in the hearts of your guests. And for the loveliest effect, accentuate your aesthetic with beautiful candle holders.

At Jamali Garden, we offer an inspirational variety of wholesale tea light and candle holders that will add a rustic, warm, and elegant atmosphere for any event. No matter your vision or venue, our products provide just the decorative flair you desire. Glisten your surroundings with our collection of wholesale votive candles and tea light holders. Here’s what we offer:

Dangling Charm With Hanging Tea Light Holders

Create a magical atmosphere by suspending your twinkling tea lights from the ceiling, strings, decorative fixtures, or dangling branches. Light will surround your guests on all sides, inspiring their imaginations and spirits. We have multiple options for designing this enticing effect. For a simple, rustic feel, try our mini hanging glass tea light holders. To incorporate an elegant, antique addition, use our hanging antique silver glass votive holders. And for a mesmerizing, modern effect, place your votives in our open hanging glass ball votive holders. Hang your lights at varying heights for even more visual appeal.

Glittering Glass Tea Light Holders & Votive Holders

To offset your flickering flames with the reflective capabilities of gorgeous glass designs, choose from our collection of glass candle holders for votives and tea lights. For a rustic theme and a warm, low glow, try our ombre gold frost glass votive holders. To add spectacular sparkle with an elegant finish, use our iced silver glass votive and tea light holders, and try our smoke thick glass tea light holders for a slightly dimmer, more intimate feel.

Golden Gift of Light

Want your candle holders to glimmer and glow as brightly as the flames from your tea lights and votives? Garnish your display with gold and other glittering metals. Our antique light gold fish bowls offer a rich, reflective shine, while our crystal and gold tea light holders dazzle with an added gemlike exterior. For a luxurious ambiance, illuminate your votives in our black and gold bowls.

Buying in Bulk?

Looking for bulk options for your votive candle holders? Jamali Garden carries all the wholesale tea light and votive designs you love at the quantities you’ll need.