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  1. 5 1/2in Antique Brown Glass Candlestick
    5 1/2in Antique Brown Glass Candlestick


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If you’re planning the perfect wedding, extraordinary event, or decorative display, you know that nothing illuminates the room and executes your vision like a lovely light arrangement. And what shines more brightly than the flickering flames of the candles you display? Mercury glass candle holders, of course! With a shimming sheen that brings out the light from your candles and serves as a dazzling accent to all your décor, candlesticks made of mercury glass are an excellent addition to any display.

Jamali Garden carries a broad, inspirational assortment of mercury glass votive holders, candlesticks, and pillar holders to suit your style, venue, and vision. Adorn your special events with our wide range collection of mercury glass candle holders. Provide a lighthearted metallic hue to your festivity or a warm flickering touch for a special occasion.

Here’s what we have to offer:

Mercury Glass Votive and Tea Light Holders

Aiming for an intimate, romantic atmosphere with delicate, glowing tea lights or votive candles? Offset your ambiance with the gleam of mercury glass. Our multicolor ribbed votive holders offer a shining antique addition for unquestionable class, while our square antique light gold votive holders glow with a golden glimmer. If your tastes tend toward texture, try our antique silver diamond votive holders. To elevate your illumination design far above the table, you might go with our silver stem glass tea light holders. Whatever your style, our mercury glass holders provide variety and innovation for your display.

Mercury Glass Candlesticks

To accent your taper candles with style, try our mesmerizing mercury glass candlesticks in various designs. Our antique brown candleholders offer a burnished, vintage tone to your table, while our gold glass candlesticks shine with playful personality. For a simple, sleeker feel, incorporate our antique silver glass candlesticks.

Mercury Glass Pillar Holders

Pillar candles can be the pillars of perfect displays, but balancing them with the right holders is the key to your design success. Offset these strong carriers of light with our gorgeous mercury glass pillar holders. For an elegant addition, place your pillars in our reflective gold octagon mercury glass pillar light holders — the light will emanate from the top and glint off the sides. Our antique silver glass square and round base pillar holders stand on their own in shining simplicity, while our antique silver etched hurricanes provide a delicate, inspiring impact.

Buying in Bulk?

Need your candlesticks, holders, and votives in bulk? Buy all your mercury glass candle holders wholesale at Jamali Garden. We offer premium décor to suit both your vision and your budget. Shop today.