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Dry and Preserved Accents

Natural greenery is one of the most popular ways to enhance your display when it comes to interior design and event decor. However, as beautiful as they are, large arrangements with real flowers and branches quickly wilt and wither, barely allowing you to appreciate their elegance before they're gone.

At Jamali Garden, we've provided design-minded natural elements for a long time, and we're all too familiar with this dilemma. That's why we have a line of dry and preserved accents that last much longer than fresh greenery. Jamali Garden's dry and preserved accents add a nice touch to sets, weddings, homes, and event spaces. We carry large quantities of dry and preserved accents at wholesale price, available for shipment now.

Preserved Roses

Roses are among the most common flowers designers use in decor, especially for weddings. Natural roses typically have a short shelf life, with cut roses lasting only a few days before withering away. While silk plants are a useful way to capture the floral feeling, many people prefer the feeling and aromas of real flowers.

Jamali Garden offers preserved flowers that last up to a year. Create long-lasting floral arrangements and bouquets to keep the memory of a special day alive even months later. The roses even have short stems ideal for pinning to lapels or corsages.

We offer these roses in a variety of colors so you can choose the perfect ones for your occasion:

  • Red: Signifies love, beauty, respect, and passion. This rose is great for your classic wedding or to decorate an anniversary gift for your significant other.
  • White: Symbolizes purity, youth, and sympathy. Combine these with red roses for a message that means unity and strength together.
  • Purple: Represents enchantment. This rose can be an intense gift for a lover, as it also means love at first sight.
  • Blue: Suggests mystery and intrigue. Present this rose to a unique individual in your life.
  • Green: Implies abundance, peace, and prosperity. Wish someone good luck with this trendy rose.

Tree Trunks

Using tree trunks in your designs is an intriguing way to elevate your decor. At Jamali Garden, we provide Paulownia tree trunks in multiple sizes from 5 inches high to 1 foot. Paulownia is a light wood that is both strong and resistant to warping. These qualities make Paulownia an excellent choice to include as a table centerpiece or display shelf whenever you need a little extra touch of Mother Nature. You can also decorate wood tree trucks with preserved moss to suit your vision.

Buy multiple trunks in one size for a symmetrical display, or mix it up with a few different sizes. Either way, these trunks are sure to add rustic flair to your home or venue. If a whole trunk is too big for your design, consider using teak balls for a similar aesthetic on a smaller scale.

Other Accents

We have a range of unique accents and accessories that will keep your guests asking, "Where did you get that?" If you're creating gift baskets and party favors, Jamali Garden has green and bleached wood basket filler that will add professionalism to your gorgeous products.

Natural, dried wicker balls covered in faux grass make a great display accent for store windows or a decorative element placed on top of a pot or urn. Pair these wicker accessories with a French lavender bunch for a unique and soothing display.

Finally, you can use Jamali's decorations to amplify the summer's exciting vibes. Make a mini raffia Baobab tree a warm part of your summer wedding tablescape. This decor is handmade in Madagascar with green-dyed raffia. Your purchase helps support Protegeons-Madagascar, an organization dedicated to the country's sustainable development and local artisans. Purchasing this piece both looks good and feels good!

Shop With Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden is the industry's favorite supplier of natural accents and wedding supplies. With our collection of dried and preserved products, you can create displays that will stay beautiful for a long time. Buying in bulk? Save and buy at wholesale. You can get as many products as you need for your large garden or event at a great price.

Browse our decor and join our satisfied customers today! For more information on our products, visit our contact page and reach out to us online.