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  1. 20 ½in Nickel Floral Stand
    20 ½in Nickel Floral Stand
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Unique Metal Vases for Sale

Classic shapes and styles are timeless, but some celebrations and homes call for a fresh bit of pizazz. Jamali Garden’s array of metal vases are available in a number of different sizes and shapes, each suitable for a memorable wedding or event centerpiece. Some of our more non-standard metal vase shapes for sale include pillar holders, urns, planters, buckets, pots, watering cans, trumpet vases, and julep cups.

Vase Colors & Finishes for Any Style

We carry several metal vases with unique shapes, finished in gold, silver, antique brass, nickel, zinc, and copper. Try a nickel trumpet vase with a white floral arrangement for a classic wedding or event centerpiece. Zinc French vases will look distinct filled with flowers at a rustic-themed or outdoor wedding or event. An antique iron vase with a black finish will show off the color of a floral arrangement. Polished brass planters are a great choice for classic and modern floral designs. 

Unique Iron-Finish Vases

At Jamali Garden, we like to cater to your creativity. We search the world to find the best, most unique products and bring them together in our collection for you to shop. That effort is evident in our collection of metal vases with distinct iron finishes, like our oil slick and copper rainbow iron vases.

Artisans craft each iron vase uniquely with iridescent rainbow spots on the outside. These planters are right at home with nearly any event theme or style, from industrial and modern to rustic and vintage. Dress up your vases with flowers that highlight the planter's rich hues. To fill a copper rainbow finish vase, choose a few stems of faux dark orange ranunculus or another warm-toned bloom.

Contemporary Gold Centerpieces

If you're planning an event with a modern, contemporary, or art deco aesthetic, consider designing avant-garde centerpieces with stylish, uniquely shaped gold vases. Modern decor features geometric shapes and smooth lines, and our collection of gold vases showcases both. Check out our Bretagne collection of matte gold curved vases or our shiny gold round tapered vase. You can also mix and match to create a clustered display.

Set one or more shapely gold vases in the center of your table and fill it with structural flowers like brightly colored faux orchids. You can also choose visually interesting greenery like our 16-inch Dracaena sanderiana for a modern aesthetic without the florals. 

Tall Metal Vases

Our shaped metal vases can serve as more than just simple centerpieces. With tall vases, like our 29-inch nickel trumpet vase, you can set your planters directly on the floor anywhere in your home or venue. Fill these vases with towering floral arrangements or small trees to give them even more height. You can place them along the walls of an indoor venue or on either side of entryways to add drama.

You can also achieve height with our nickel floral pillar stands. These stands, available in 29 1/2-inch and 20-inch heights, are tall, curvy pillars that feature a shallow dish, perfect for holding a small floral arrangement. Choose florals that cascade down over the side for a graceful display, or create a simple look by topping your pillars with wicker and grass balls to achieve a topiary-style look.

Use tall vases to decorate every part of your venue, including the space where you'll hold a wedding ceremony. You can line the aisle with tall vases overflowing with florals or place vases on either side of the wedding arch to create an even better display for photos. We recommend mixing taller and shorter vases for a multi-level, dynamic arrangement wherever you choose to decorate.

Buy Shaped Metal Vases Wholesale

Jamali Garden is the industry’s best supplier of wholesale vases and wedding supplies. Shop online to find all the products you need to plan stunning events or deck out your home with eye-catching decor. With our quantity discounts, you can save even more when you buy these unique metal vases in bulk. Shop online today for fast shipping!