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  1. silver metallic ribbed pillar candle
    3 x 6in Ribbed Metallic Silver Pillar Candle


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Buy Pillars, Tapers, and Floating Candles Online

Whether candles are used to light up the venue or create a glowing table centerpiece, they are common décor elements at many weddings and events. Candles pair well with a variety of decorations, making them incredibly easy to use in your own décor scheme to elevate the atmosphere. Jamali Garden has a variety of pillar, taper, and floating candles to match all of your decorating desires. Buy white taper candles wholesale and more by shopping our selection. Find what you need for your special event today at Jamali Garden!

Wholesale Floating Candles for Sale

Besides lighting up the venue, candles can add to the sereneness of a wedding or event. Floating candles are designed to float in a vessel, offering the opportunity to try a tablescape with liquid elements. Jamali Garden has sets of 2 3/4- inch white candles and ivory candles as well as two-inch white candles.

In lieu of a pillar candle, try placing a floating candle in a cylinder vase filled with colored glass stones. For an earthy appeal, surround the vase with evergreen stems. We also like the peaceful allure of floating candles in a shallow glass bowl with colorful peony buds.

Pillar Candles to Please

The pillar candle stands tall and elegant as the focal point of the tablescape arrangement. We have pillar candles from three to 12 inches high and three or four inches wide, and they are sure to catch your guests' attention in the décor. Our candle colors are classic white, creamy ivory, cement grey, and bold black. For a unique aesthetic, try our woodsy birch bark or rustic cement pillar candles.

Take your pillar candle to even greater heights on a tall pillar holder, surrounded by green leaf twigs or flowers. To play with levels, arrange our various white pillar candle sizes on a table mirror to spread the light around the space.

Wide Variety of Taper Candles

Like pillar candles, taper candles are tall, so they can cast the warm light across the dining table or wherever you use it. Our taper candles stand at 8, 12, 15, 18, and 24 inches high, so we have the level you need in your tablescape design. We have classic white and creamy ivory taper candles for an elegant look as well as bold black to match an edgy aesthetic.

For a single taper candle arrangement, use a glass candlestick surrounded by snippets of a magnolia leaf garland. If you'd like a more dramatic look that is sure to catch your guests' eyes, place your taper candles in a stunning crystal chandelier hurricane candelabra.

Buy Pillar Candles Wholesale Online & More at Jamali Garden

Floating, pillar, and taper candles are a perfect way to decorate for weddings and events, and you can buy them all wholesale online from Jamali Garden. Our wide array of candles and more allows you to buy in bulk as well, so your theme and lighting choices can extend throughout the entire venue. With items available year-round, we have all that you need and will get it to you quickly. Add floating, pillar, and taper candles to your cart and order today to make an impression on your guests!