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Grass Accents

Whether you're planning an upcoming celebration or simply looking to bring a touch of the outdoors to the interior of your home, our grass accents can brighten any space. Create a balance between organic elements and the vibrant hues of natural decor with grass accents, resulting in a simple yet effective interior.

At Jamali Garden, we have a wide range of garland and grass accent options that are as versatile as they are striking, making them easy to integrate anywhere. Drape them across your tablescape or hang them above any doorway to add the perfect amount of greenery. No matter how you choose to showcase our designs, you'll be amazed at their lushness and realistic qualities. Explore our selection of grass accents online and can add a natural, outdoor element to your space.

Make Your Venue Magical With Our Designs

We offer an extensive collection of grass accents to suit your decor needs. You can opt for a subtle look with our garland designs or create an extravagant accent with a large-scale fence interwoven with greenery. Grass accents from Jamali Garden have deep green hues that help you showcase your designs. If you're hosting an upcoming event, your guests will be enchanted at the sight of your interior decorations with grass accents, making your celebration an unforgettable one.

Faux Lavender Garland

Our 5-foot faux lavender garland is ideal for any spring or summer wedding or colorful celebration. This garland combines the elegance of lavender with expertly crafted leaves and delicate design details.

You can display our garland around a venue to add a touch of the outdoors or drape it at a bar area to create a striking springtime centerpiece. Because of its soft feel, it will add a whimsical element to any event. You can even wrap a garland around stone pillars or marble vases to design a unique arrangement. Add other grass accents or incorporate silk flowers to make your lavender garland pop even more.

Rosemary Garland

Rosemary is as beautiful as it is dainty, making it ideal for any romantic occasion, such as an anniversary party or wedding. Our stunning 6-foot rosemary garland is decorated with loosely draped artificial rosemary, which you can use to create a design of your own. You can easily integrate natural bouquets, succulents, or other natural elements such as stones or branches. Combine this garland with other decorations, such as tealights, and display your creation on tabletops and mantels to create an intimate atmosphere and tie your venue's theme together.

Bamboo Leaf Accordion Willow Fence

If you want to create a striking focal point that everyone will notice upon entering your venue, trust our bamboo accordion willow fence. Our unique fence design is highly versatile as you can expand or collapse the fence to change its appearance.

When expanded, guests can see the rustic look of the wood behind the leaves. This form also makes it easy for you to create a stunning backdrop, as our wall can easily hold faux flowers or other greenery in between the wood panels. If you want to form a small privacy screen or wall cover to split up an open area, leave this fence collapsed — it will look just as stunning and lush. 

Bulk Order Grass Accents Online for Your Wedding

Do you want interior decor that makes your event a night to remember? With our grass accents, your arrangements will take your guests' breath away. You can even place a wholesale order for our grass accents online, making it easy to get the perfect amounts for your venue. You'll get high-quality greenery at a great price and never run out. Completely transform your space with natural elements of the outdoors. Browse our selection of grass accents and find an option that you love today!