Never underestimate the effect of the right lighting! Jamali Garden has affordable hanging lanterns with styles inspired from around the world. They can be used indoors or outdoors for any type of event, wedding or design plan.

Hanging lanterns for an outdoor tent wedding reception can be magical. The lanterns are lit at dusk and the glow seems to get brighter as night settles in. The lanterns can be hung in clusters to light specific areas or throughout for an all-over glow.

We’ve even had brides hang the lanterns on the pews and fill them with silk flowers for a different look during the day. With the various shapes and sizes of hanging lanterns available at Jamali Garden, it’s easy to find the perfect match!

But our hanging lanterns aren’t just great for weddings. They’re also a great way to enhance a specific theme at your restaurant, pub, and much more. We have colonial and traditional styles for a more neutral lighting option. Or, for more modern, industrial décor, browse our many geometric-shaped lanterns.

The mercury glass hanging lanterns are perfect for a more eclectic décor. It’s a style that fits equally well with modern themed spaces as it does with vintage accents.

Another popular lantern style is the antique metal lanterns with no glass. The intricate open metal work is breathtaking when the candle is lit.

Most of our hanging lanterns can also be used sitting on a flat surface, increasing their versatility when it comes to your decorating. Multiple sizes of the same style displayed in a cluster make for a striking focal point. This can be done as a tablescape centerpiece, on a staircase or on a small accent table. Lighting a walkway for an event is a charming way to direct guests to the party.

So many options, so many choices, so many ideas! Just browsing our selection is sure to give you even more ways to use them! When you’re ready, add your favorites to your cart with any of the other wonderful products we stock