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Wholesale Hanging Lanterns for Weddings and Events

One of the classic details of lanterns is their looped handle for hanging. When they are hung up, their soft glow covers the entire space, and their intimate lighting has made them a popular décor choice for weddings and other occasions. For wholesale hanging lanterns for events, shop Jamali Garden. We have a variety of options that complement many different décor themes, so you are sure to find the hanging lanterns you need to suit your style.

Where to Use Hanging Lanterns

When you are considering where to fix your hanging lanterns, you will have many options to choose from. They're a stunning item that will wow your guests wherever you suspend them.

Perhaps the most obvious place to hang a lantern is from the venue ceiling. Many lanterns throughout the space will cast a soft glow, providing intimate romantic lighting fit for a wedding reception. If your ceremony is outdoors, you might hang lanterns from a nearby tree. We also like the look of lanterns spread over the wedding party's reception table.

There are also other places you can hang lanterns for beautiful lighting or decoration. Suspend lanterns on the inside of the row to decorate the aisleway, over the cake table to add more flair, or along the stair railing to light your guests' footsteps.

Hanging Lanterns to Light up Your Venue

At Jamali Garden, we have a large selection of hanging lanterns. With many styles available, we have a hanging lantern fit for every theme and event. We have small size lanterns, like the hanging glass jar, which are a cozy vessel for a tea light or small flower. Our largest hanging lantern is the 24-inch antique white square lantern, offering plenty of decorating options with candles, flowers, and more.

To play with height, place different sizes of pillar candles in our gold oblong lanterns. Hang the lanterns close together or spread them out to showcase the pillar candles in a gorgeous lighted pattern. For a unique and diffused lighting effect, place a pillar candle in the 8 1/2 in Alhambra gold square lantern. The candle flame casts the intricate pattern on the punched metal panels around the space.

Buy Hanging Candle Lanterns Online From Jamali Garden

Hanging lanterns are used at many weddings, dinner parties, and other events as mood lighting, a flower vessel, or other stunning décor pieces. When hanging from a stair rail, the ceiling, or another lofty location, the hanging lantern becomes an eye-catching piece and a special decoration for your gathering.

Whether you are looking for décor items that are rustic, boho-chic, vintage, classic, or something in between, we have everything you need for your event theme. Our stock is available throughout the entire year, and we offer bulk buying options as well, ensuring you can get what you require for less.

Buy your hanging lanterns from Jamali Garden today. Be sure to shop our candles and flowers to complete the look.


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