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Preserved Moss

Whether you're creating stunning centerpieces or mapping out an entire interior design, our preserved moss can make your decorations cohesive and eye-catching. Each of our designs combines lifelike textures and rich green hues, so you can easily display them with other organic elements, such as vibrant flowers and lush succulents.

In addition to making your decor feel more natural, preserved moss can also fulfill different needs. At Jamali Garden, we offer an extensive selection of products to cover entire walls and floors or simply add a rustic accent to window boxes or tables. When you buy preserved moss online from Jamali Garden, you can save money with our unique bulk-buying option. We make it easy to get the exact amount of preserved moss you need to transform your venue without sacrificing the quality of your decor. 

Add a Unique Design Element to Your Venue

Preserved moss decorations make exceptional accent pieces and standout displays. You can easily add our moss to any marble urn or glass vase to create an enchanting centerpiece or shelf display. Integrating preserved moss into your interior decor is a great way to impress your guests, as your decoration will combine woodland elements with your other contemporary designs or pieces. We also have a wide range of shades, from vibrant, bright greens to earthier tones, so you can achieve whatever look you have in mind. 

Decorate With Our Moss Mats

Our moss mats come in multiple sizes, so you can select the product that best meets your needs. Whether you want to cover every inch of your venue's floor in our moss designs or only highlight certain areas, we have designs that can bring your vision to life.

Check out our large moss mat option or our 48-by -8-inch moss mat design. The large surface area of our preserved moss products can cover the entrance of an event, create a wide aisle for weddings, or provide a space to display succulents or other florals arrangements. We've preserved and dyed these unique products, s you can rely on them to last throughout multiple events and bring your venue to life. 

Our Reindeer Moss Designs

We also carry high-quality reindeer moss in multiple colors to suit a wide range of decorating needs. This unique moss is exceptionally soft and spongy. It will look genuine from every angle, impressing your guests and adding a dynamic element to your interior decorations. We offer Supermoss chartreuse reindeer moss to complement floral arrangements and dried reindeer moss balls that you can hang around your venue or add to a Christmas tree during holiday celebrations.

Natural and Preserved Spanish Moss

At Jamali Garden, we carry an array of natural and preserved Spanish moss products. Our Supermoss preserved natural Spanish moss has an earthy, warm tone, adding softness and long-lasting beauty anywhere you place it. Our grass green preserved Spanish moss is more vivid and contains less dust than ordinary moss and provides a fresh appearance with enhanced color. You can add our grass green Spanish moss to any vase, urn, topiary, or other centerpiece to make your interior decor as cohesive as possible.

Buy Preserved Moss Online for Your Upcoming Event

No matter the look you want to achieve at your wedding or celebration, we can help you bring your vision into reality with our preserved moss designs. Jamali Garden has a wide array of different moss types that display unique colors and textures. We carry an extensive selection of mosses so you can find the decor that will bring the perfect amount of the outdoors to your event.

Browse our inventory of high-quality moss products and make your selection today. You can use our wholesale option to buy preserved moss online in the quantities you need, making it easy to bring your venue to life and impress your guests with a one-of-a-kind natural atmosphere!


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