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Artificial and Preserved Moss

Jamali Garden has the best selection of faux and preserved moss products on the market. Artificial moss from Jamali Garden is made with materials similar to our silk plants and flowers collection. While natural moss eventually dies and dries up, you can use preserved moss in long-term decorations without worrying about it losing its flair. We've treated our moss in an eco-friendly way that makes it perfect for decorating. While it's no longer alive, it looks so real that you're the only one who will be able to tell!

Whichever kind of moss you choose to use in your decor, Jamali Garden can provide you with the variety you need to create beautiful moss walls, tablescapes, and anything other design you can envision. We suggest experimenting with artificial and preserved moss and combining them for a more textured product that will attract attention at any venue. Use our moss for a classy splash of greenery in your garden, home decor, wedding, or dinner party.

Spanish Moss

Throughout history, people have used Spanish moss for many different purposes, including insulation and padding. Including in crafts and decor is another common use thanks to its natural beauty. At Jamali Garden, our inventory of preserved moss is exactly what you need for your interior decorating and gardening projects. The Natural Spanish Moss we supply has a fresher look and softer feel than most types of moss. Our moss is also cleaner and produces less dust, making it safe and comfortable for people with allergies.

While every package varies slightly in tone due to its authenticity, our moss packages are either a muted brown or a bright green shade. Our Preserved Spanish Moss has enhanced color for lasting beauty. These colors will pop in planters and help your soil retain water. If you prefer succulent or cacti terrariums, Spanish moss also works well as a barrier between your soil and drainage rocks to keep layers separated.

Reindeer Moss

Another popular type of moss in terrariums and decor is Reindeer moss. This moss gets its name from its reputation as a well-known treat for reindeer, caribou, and moose. With its bushy, spongy texture and vibrant color, Reindeer moss is a favorite at Jamali Garden, too!

Reindeer moss adds softness and color to container plants and allows the soil to retain moisture longer, keeping this moss clean and easy to use. You can purchase Reindeer moss from Jamali Garden in both loose and sheet form. These clumps are an excellent addition to a woodsy centerpiece or a fun accent in your garden. If you work in retail, consider using moss sheets as a window display background for jewelry and clothing.

Sheet Moss

For bigger projects, consider investing in our moss sheets and moss mats. Moss sheets provide you with ample material for a wide range of creative projects — your only limit is your creativity. Cut, nail, and glue moss sheets to your heart's content. For the ultimate natural wedding decoration, simply roll our moss sheets down the aisle for a lush path that will look amazing in pictures.

Moss mats provide a similar versatility while coming in smaller sizes than sheets. Use moss mats as one-of-a-kind placemats or glue them together for a geometric backdrop. You can even add patches of loose moss for more diverse colors and added texture.

Moss Balls

Preserved moss balls are lovely, natural accent pieces for any event. Mix these spheres with floral arrangements or rest them atop urns for a quick decor element. Artificial flocked moss spheres are smoother than preserved moss balls. Mix and match these moss balls with other organic products and silk flowers for a spring-ready centerpiece. Jamali Garden has moss balls in five different size options so you can find the product that will suit your needs best. You can even buy moss spheres in every size for a unique and memorable display.

Shop Moss at Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden is the industry's favorite supplier of floral and garden supplies. From moss to geodes and candles to trays, our collections provide you with everything you'll need to bring your vision to life. Buying in bulk? Save and buy at wholesale. Whether you're looking to spruce up your garden or planning the magical wedding of your dreams, we're here to help. Consult with one of our experts today.