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Buy Artificial Orchids Wholesale

Orchids look elegant on their own or arranged in a bouquet or centerpiece display. Their lovely simplicity and exotic characteristics come in several varieties to suit your decoration needs. Jamali Garden offers high-quality wholesale options that allow you to save money when you buy silk orchids in bulk.

Our silk orchid stems come in popular colors, such as white, pink, purple, red, yellow, and green. Select from spray, brush, bottle, and potted options with sizes ranging from 9 inches to 49 inches. Whether you're planning for an event like a wedding or adding interior elements to your office or home, our versatile florals suit all of your decorating needs.

Rounded and pointed petals offer variation in our wholesale artificial orchid inventory. Our florals include blooms and buds on the stems for a natural appearance. Adding an orchid leaf bush to an assortment of your favorite sprays offers the realistic look of a wild plant found in a garden or other outdoor space — and it doesn't need upkeep or watering.

Ready-to-Style Silk Orchids in Pots

Planted florals offer an effortless way to add a stylish decor to your space. At Jamali Garden, our silk orchids in pots come ready to go and provide mesmerizing beauty when added to a shelf, table or other display. Our orchids with vessels come in simplistic, white containers and modern, black planters. 

Each cylinder container includes a clean and smooth surface. Faux dirt looks realistic inside the vessels and green foliage cascades over the rim of the pots, offering a luscious design. Much like real orchids, some of our silk orchid stems attach to bamboo sticks to give the appearance of supportive plant growth.

Silk Orchid Stems for Weddings and More

Orchids create stunning statement pieces for weddings and special occasions. Our diverse, expansive collection at Jamali Garden offers many ways to pair complementary pieces together in glass, metal, ceramic, or wood vase arrangements. They add an exquisite dash of personality to entranceway tables, shelves, dining banquet spaces, and more. 

At Jamali Garden, our wide selection of silk orchids in bulk allows you to mix and match florals to create perfect centerpieces. Choose from pure, mixed, or speckled hues of many types, including pink and white Phalaenopsisblue, yellow or pink Butterfly, red or white Dancingdeep purple Dendrobium, and yellow-orange Tiger orchids. Pair them with other silk plants and flowers for a one-of-a-kind decoration your guests will love. Our diverse inventory allows you to create endless combinations. 

Reception spaces look lovely with miniature vases on tables where guests dine. Our medicine bottle set features white orchids fixed in a clear glass of acrylic water. The decorations are 9 inches tall and their neutral hues match any event color scheme or theme. 

Buy Realistic Silk Orchids in Bulk from Jamali Garden

Ordering wholesale artificial orchids offer a cost-effective way to buy flowers in bulk. Jamali Garden provides the highest quality inventory of artificial florals for weddings, holiday celebrations, and other special occasions. Browse our selection to get inspired and buy your orchids today!

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