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    Pale Green Orchid Spray
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Buy Artificial Silk Orchids Wholesale

Most florals can be arranged together to make a pretty bouquet. But few are the flowers that can stand alone and still be complete as a beautiful display. Orchids are one of those flowers. Maybe it’s their simple elegance or their exotic nature that sets them apart. Maybe it’s how the stem seems to be leaning toward you as the open blooms mesmerize you with their beauty.

Whatever unique characteristic creates that spell of rare delicateness, there is no question the orchid is the most graceful of all ornamental plants. The large selection of artificial orchids at Jamali Garden, in all types and colors, lets you make stunning and memorable decorative pieces for any occasion.


High-Quality Artificial Orchids at Wholesale Prices

The wholesale buying option allows you to design multiple complementary pieces for weddings or other events. The possibilities when you use this luxurious flower — either alone or in combination with other flowers — are truly endless. Explore these possibilities:

  • - Consider the opulence of a cascading bridal bouquet of fuchsia orchids accented with white roses and purple-tipped calla lilies.
  • - Orchids pair very well with the simplicity of most succulents when creating centerpieces.
  • - A popular wedding decoration for classic evening ceremonies is a large clear glass vase with water-submersed orchids and a floating candle.
  • - Using silk orchids allows you to design floral masterpieces that aren’t possible with fresh orchids. Imagine glass orbs, each containing a single orchid bloom suspended by invisible nylon line. Doesn’t that sound breathtaking?
  • - The smaller tiger orchid, with its yellow and burnt-orange petals, and placed on a piece of driftwood, is a calming yet vibrant accent for a patio.
  • - If you are fortunate enough to have a blue and white Chinese porcelain vase replica, a simple stem of vintage cream orchids or white silk orchids would be a stunning complement without distracting from the beauty of the vase.
  • - If you’re looking for a larger piece to command the attention of your space, consider a tree orchid, which can make for a perfect standalone statement in an entryway. 


Buy Realistic Silk Orchids from Jamali Garden

Whenever you’re looking to create unique, gorgeous floral arrangements, consider incorporating silk orchids from Jamali Garden. Purchase a ready-potted orchid plant or fill one of our vases with individual stems. Jamali Garden has the selection you want and the quality you expect.