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Buy Crystal Vases Online Wholesale

Our crystal vases are elegant and versatile, making decorating your venue easy and fun. Whether you want a set of vases on every surface or one vase per table, the items you choose will bring your theme or color scheme to life. Search our inventory of crystal vases to find the perfect vessels for giving your event the charm or class it needs.

Crystal Vases for Sale for Weddings & Events

Crystal vases are classic items that we've treasured for years, tracing back to 18th-century England. Once meant for just flowers, these vases were a symbol of status. Having a bouquet displayed in a beautiful crystal vessel was a sign of upper-class sophistication and elegance. Now, these vases are a beautiful addition to any event, whether you're planning a wedding, an anniversary party, or a baby shower. Choose from various shapes, heights, widths, and textures to find the vessels that best suit your vision. 

Variety of Tall Crystal Vases for Sale

Tall crystal vases are sleek and slender, making them an excellent addition to romance-themed weddings and minimalistic events. If you're planning a magical wedding, these vases look stunning when you fill them with fairy lights. You can also surround the platform with warm gems in shades of gold and pinkFor minimalistic designs, our eight-inch round crystal vases are excellent for long-stemmed lilies, orchids, and greenery. Place them on a white table cloth to make a single bloom or a small bouquet pop. 

Short Crystal Vases

Consider an elegant short crystal vase like the four-inch glass crystal bowl. Pair these vessels with short-stemmed flowers like roses, peonies, or dahlias. These bowls have an incredibly versatile nature, so you can dress them up with candles, glass gems, and rose petals for a fairytale-like centerpiece. You can also add a single rose to make a simple, modern piece.

The hexagonal tapered crystal vase is another excellent piece for modern wedding themes. If you have a minimalistic vision, this vase can only hold one or two flowers, creating a sophisticated and romantic look to facilitate conversation at every table.

Colorful Crystal Vases Online

If you're searching for a twist on classic crystal vases, you'll love our Moroccan Selenite Trunk Vases. A unique and eye-catching piece, this vase derives its pale, icy color from crystallized gypsum. This shade is perfect for any color scheme. The vase's texture adds depth to any wedding theme, be it a romantic evening, a fairytale night, or a beach getaway.

Buy Crystal Vases for Centerpieces Wholesale

Our team keeps a steady inventory of all our crystal vases so that you can rely on our supply while you plan your special event. Start shopping our wholesale crystal vases, and complete your order as soon as today!