Add some classic crystal decor to your wedding or event designs with Jamali Garden’s crystal vases. Combine elegant crystal and quiet floral arrangements for a sophisticated look. Jamali’s selection of crystal vases includes crystal bud vases, crystal chandelier hurricanes, crystal pedestal trumpet vases, and several crystal bowls. A crystal bowl can serve as a nice fruit bowl or a centerpiece filled with sand or succulents. Guests will love a showy centerpiece utilizing the look of a crystal bud vase with a modern shape. Try a fine and heavy glass crystal vase by itself or with a small bouquet of flowers. A faceted crystal vase is an excellent partner for a small bouquet or a few single stems. The smooth glass and tapered bowl of the crystal pedestal trumpet vase shows off the flower stems and the beauty of the vase’s shape. A tiara bowl’s crystal reflections will look stunning paired with lit candles at a wedding reception table.