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  1. Heritage Ball Glass Oil Lamp
    Heritage Ball Glass Oil Lamp
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  2. 100 LED Icicle Lights Set
    100 LED Icicle Lights Set
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  3. 6ft. Metal Branch L.E.D. Light
    6ft. Metal Branch L.E.D. Light
    Regular Price $24.99 Sale $19.99
  4. 7in White L.E.D. Disco Fireball
    7in White L.E.D. Disco Fireball
    Regular Price $40.00 Sale $20.00

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Jamali Garden's Decorative Event Lighting

Lighten up guests' excited faces and your stunning event decor with Jamali Garden's decorative event lighting options. With our assortment of gleaming lighting solutions, you can brighten any special occasion. We offer:

Wholesale Floral Lights

There are numerous ways to highlight floral installations and centerpieces, like wrapping sparkling strings around flower vases or submerging light directly into your vases with our waterproof LED lights for events. Drop a few of our quaint, ornamental lights between flower stems, or lighten up your flowers with a single waterproof LED light. Jamali Garden lights wholesales also offers square white light bases and mini Acolyte spotlights to accentuate your fresh and fragrant floral designs. 

LED Lights

Jamali Garden retails LED string lights in various colors, lengths, and designs, offering excellent decor flexibility. You can guide guests to event halls by stringing amber naked wire LED lights along pathways, then warmly beckon them inside by draping LED branch lights from your ceiling, creating a curtain of overhead light. When the event is in full swing, switch on one of our LED disco lights to inspire your guests to create memorable moments. With LED wedding lights wholesale, your special day is sure to be one of a kind.

Christmas Lights

Utilize our festive lights at your holiday event or to decorate your home. Jamali Garden offers an array of classic Christmas string lights to create the perfect holiday mood. You can also set the scene for magical festive moments by wrapping naked wire LED lights around wreaths, Christmas trees, or other decor pieces. Another alternative is to use a glass bowl with fairy lights as elegant decor for your next event.


Our lovely lamps engulf event attendees in soft, romantic light by gently lighting their surroundings. We offer a variety of these stylish lighting products to accommodate any event. With a lineup of lamps ranging from vintage-looking mini brass oil lamps to Ottoman-style hanging lantern lamps, we're confident you'll find an option fitting your theme. 

Bring Jamali Garden's Lighting to Your Event

Use our lighting options to create radiant rainbow-hued dance floors or illuminate decor pieces. Add sparkle to your wedding with our naked string lights, or use our dreamy lanterns for graduation parties or grand openings. No matter what kind of event you're beautifying, we have lighting options fit for every location. 

You'll need a few lighting products to create the perfect event feel, and that's why Jamali Garden offers bulk purchasing options. With our wholesale products, you can inspire event attendees to create remarkable moments with the right amount of magical lighting. Browse our lighting products today and let us help you wrap your next event in light. 


Lighting Ideas & Guides

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