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  1. magnolia branches in iron planter
    11¼ x 10 ¾in Oil Slick Iron Planter
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Wholesale Metal Cylinder Vases

Add some style to your home or plan dazzling decor for your next event with wholesale metal cylinder vases from Jamali Garden. We've built our collection to include many options, so you'll find the ideal vase to bring your aesthetic to life. 

Keep it simple with matching sets or mix and match your vases with multiple materials like silver, copper, gold, and brass. Choose from various shapes, sizes, textures, and finishes to find the perfect fit for your decor. Plus, when you shop with Jamali Garden, you'll have bulk pricing options that help you get the metal planter vases you need online at a price you'll love.

Make It Modern With Copper Cylinders

What modern design elements do you want to pull into your next wedding or event? Clean lines, simplistic decor, and limited color palettes allow your guests to focus on a few stunning pieces. You can create stylish centerpieces for any celebration using our copper cylinder vases. These highly polished vessels offer bright, rosy hues that add a pop of chic color and a touch of glamor to any contemporary design scheme.

Our copper cylinder vases are available in several simple, geometric shapes sure to fit in with any current aesthetic. Combine different sizes or shapes for a dynamic display. You can also embrace a minimalist motif with one or two of the same vases. We love to pair the 5-inch copper cylinder with a 7-inch copper cylinder and fill them with simple white carnations to create an eye-catching, multi-level design.

Get Inspired With Vintage Vases

Add some texture and depth to your event decor by including metal cylinder vases. You can choose a retro theme like the roaring '20s or go for a more eclectic style with vintage pieces from different time periods that create a sense of nostalgic charm.

Our textured gold iron vases make the perfect addition to any old-fashioned style, with a delicate-looking design that will appear right at home amongst other antique items. You can fill these vases with cream-colored flowers and pair them with our antique white lanterns to create a centerpiece with loads of character.

For a more rustic look, try our hammered antique brass vases. These vases are available in two sizes, so you can mix and match them to create warm, charming displays for your event. These vases are perfect for long and rectangular tables. You can create a table runner by pairing these vases with long garlands of rich greenery and enough votive candles to fill the space and create a soft glow.  

Buy Metal Cylinder Vases Online

Shop Jamali Garden's massive inventory online to find all the products you need to inspire amazing events and spruce up your home decor. Browse our vast selection of metal cylinder vases and check out our other decorations to find everything you need to complete your design. We've curated our collection with quality and style in mind, bringing you the best items from all over the world.

At Jamali Garden, we maintain a massive inventory, so we are always ready to ship your products right away. Contact our team if you have any questions about our products, prices, or fast shipping options.