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Gorgeous Silk Flowers Available Wholesale at Jamali Garden

Finding the right flowers makes all the difference when you're planning an event or wedding. No matter what style or color scheme you choose, an eye-catching display of blossoms brings life to any space as you splash your venue with vivid colors. When you shop at Jamali Garden, you'll find an array of gorgeous silk flowers that can be used to create dazzling permanent arrangements.

If you're wondering where to buy silk flowers online, look no further than Jamali Garden. Whether you need floral options for an upcoming wedding or you want some floral options to match your restaurant or hotel décor, our high-quality silk flowers add unmatched sophistication and style. Each of our unique varieties has a realistic look that will wow your guests. Our variety of colors are perfect for holiday floral arrangements & Spring decorations to fill your home with vibrant decor! Plus, our silk blooms can be repurposed time and time again, as these long-lasting flowers will keep their fresh, colorful appearance for years to come. 

Buy Silk Flowers Wholesale of All Sizes, Shapes, and Colors

We carry a wide selection of wholesale flower variegates. You're sure to find the colors and sizes you need to seamlessly match your décor style and create dazzling displays for your event space. 

Choosing the right flowers for your event can feel like a daunting task. As you browse our selection of life-like silk blooms, the number of unique and beautiful flowers can feel both impressive and overwhelming. We have roses, hydrangeas, and peonies that come in an array of color options, as well as lesser-known flowers that have a more limited color selection, like ranunculus and anthuriums.

So, if looking through our wide selection is leaving you feeling stumped, think in terms of color to help narrow down your choices for your event's floral arrangements. 

White Silk Flowers Available Wholesale

White silk flowers are a classic choice for any event, whether you're planning your big day or a winter wonderland holiday party. White evokes the message of purity, truth and innocence, and adds a more traditional air to your floral arrangements. When you're looking for a lovely wedding decoration, you simply can't go wrong with white blooms.

Choosing white blooms are a great start as they go great with any other hue. We love the unique beauty of our large white dahlia. Add a pop of dark green with some lovely magnolia leaves to make your bouquet stand out beautifully.

Cream Colored Artificial Silk Flowers

Although cream-colored flowers can look very similar to white, they tend to be much softer and work beautifully with all other colors. Our large cream gerbera would look lovely at a rustic, country-inspired wedding. Or, for more contemporary events, our white cream calla lily adds a sophisticated flair to your arrangements. We love the style of our gentle cream camellia spray when paired with some of our lovely yellow blooms. 

Red Silk Flower Selections

Romance, passion, true love — red silk flowers evoke all these emotions and more. Red flowers, especially lush, red roses, are one of the most traditional flowers for weddings. For something more unique, try red poppies or crimson-colored anthurium

We love incorporating red blooms into holiday gatherings. Bring some festive color into your arrangements with our slim red poinsettias

Purple Silk Flowers for Wholesale Pricing

Purple and lavender colored flowers are an excellent way to add elegance, grace, and a sense of royal grandeur to your floral arrangements. Add a bunch of lavender to your centerpiece to give the arrangement a more romantic appearance. Or, for a stately bouquet, you can't go wrong with purple-colored orchids. Both gold and green are lovely complementary colors you can infuse into your purple arrangements. 

Pink Silk Flowers for Your Special Event

Pink silk flowers are the picture of femininity, while also adding a gentle and joyful look to any floral arrangement. Go big and bold with our hot pink tiger lily spray. Or, bring a soft, sweetness with our pink parrot tulip or light pink peony. Pink is a great flower color for weddings, bridal showers, and even Mother's Day events. 

Green Floral Arrangements

Green brings a lovely, natural touch to any flower bouquet or floral centerpiece. It's also a great contrast color with almost any colored bloom. Traditionally green is incorporated through plants and leaves, like the cascading beauty of green amaranth or a subtle hint of green ficus. However, for vintage-inspired weddings and events, we love the monochromatic look of our antique green hydrangea

Yellow Colored Flower Selections

With their bright and sunny appearance, yellow-colored silk flowers are a sure-fire way to make your guests smile. Yellow shades can be soft and romantic like our antique yellow magnolia or cream yellow cherry blossoms. Or, go for a brighter hue to bring positive energy to your venue, like with our large and cheery Susan sunflower

Orange Flowers for Your Centerpiece

The vibrant color of orange silk flowers is great for brides and event planners looking for something a little bit different. A perfect example is our distinctive orange bird of paradise, a unique option for tropical weddings or any stand out event. 

Orange-colored blooms can also be used for seasonal events, such as an autumn harvest party. Both our orange oak leaf spray and our burnt orange hydrangeas are a perfect way to celebrate the fall season through your floral bouquets.

Blue Flower Selections Available Wholesale

The soothing blue hues that many of our silk flowers possess will bring a sense of tranquility and peace to your event venue. A perfect example of this is the blue morning glory with its lush, open bloom paired with dark green leaves. Of course, blue hydrangeas offer a rich appearance that pairs perfectly with luxe, golden décor. 

Create Your Dream Silk Flower Bouquet With Jamali Garden

Whether draped around the poles of a wedding ceremony canopy or incorporated into your event's centerpieces, silk flowers bring beautiful vibrancy to any décor style. Create the floral wreath you always pictured for your home! From minimalist and modern to traditional and vintage, we have flowers to suit any taste. Browse our wide array of options, including garlands, flower ballshydrangeas, magnoliasorchidspeoniesroses, tropical flowers, and so many more.

If you're planning a large event or grand wedding, be sure to take advantage of our bulk buying options to save money. You can purchase large quantities of your favorite silk flowers and get special wholesale pricing, so you have the number needed for your special event. Jamali Garden is your source for silk flowers online, and with that, the most beautiful silk flower options anywhere.