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Wholesale Silk Flower Garlands & Balls

Adding lush greenery to your décor is a great way to infuse your event or wedding with a stunning natural touch. While garlands are generally considered a holiday decoration, long artificial flower garlands are becoming wildly popular among brides and event planners. No matter the season, this trend will keep both indoor and outdoor events looking fabulous.

At Jamali Garden, we carry an array of luscious silk flower garlands that look as lovely and realistic as the real thing. In addition to our flower garlands and fake greenery garlands, we also have a variety of silk flower balls that can be used to add a vibrant pop of color to your venue or business.

High-Quality Silk Flower Garlands & Products for Your Event and Venue Needs

When you purchase silk flower products from Jamali Garden, you'll see the advantage of choosing our high-quality décor. Our lovely silk flower pieces:

  • - Look fresh and beautiful all year long
  • - Are a cost-effective way to infuse tasteful décor into your venue or business
  • - Are available for bulk buying options, so you can purchase large quantities and save money
  • - Enhance the look and feel of various decorative themes

Bulk Silk Garlands to Suit Any Style

We carry a wide variety of garlands, artificial vines and flower balls, available in all forms, sizes, and colors to ensure a dazzling event space. Our array of options can serve as inspiration as you plan your wedding or event.

Bring some classic elegance to your wedding with a garland featuring the timeless rose. Our cream rose garlands feature bountiful blooms paired with thin, olive-colored leaves. This 6 1/2-foot garland pairs perfectly with our sophisticated red rose balls.

If you're planning a vintage-inspired dinner party, our faux lavender garland will add a nostalgic touch, whether adorning a mantelpiece or hanging on the walls. If your restaurant or venue features a more modern style, our silk garlands and flower balls can also create a classy, distinct atmosphere. The cool colors and streamlined design of our white berry garland or our baby tears grass ball are perfect for accenting a contemporary aesthetic.

Buy Your Artificial Garlands at Jamali Garden Today

Our inventory size is unmatched, which allows you to take advantage of our bulk buying options when you purchase large quantities. That means you'll get the amount you need, no matter how big or small your venue space. Browse our large selection and let your creative side run wild.