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Sand Garden Decor

Sand doesn’t have to be limited to beaches. Plenty of people use sand as a decorative element. That’s why Jamali Garden has a beautiful collection of sand garden decor merchandise for your design needs.

If you’ve never used sand as a home, office, or special occasion decoration before, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Sand makes a wonderfully eye-catching addition to both outdoor and indoor designs and projects. Order your supply of wholesale-priced sand garden decor from our online store today!

Products in Our Sand Garden Decor Collection

The sand garden decor collection at Jamali Garden includes several key products you’ll want for all your sand-related purposes:


  • Crushed mirror glass sand: This type of sand isn’t what you’d find at most beaches. It's a faux sand that makes a terrific sand substitute. Use reflective, dazzling crushed mirror glass sand in vase displays or arrange it around potted plants such as succulents. Remember that crushed mirror glass sand drains well, making it ideal for natural plants that require regular watering.
  • Fine and superfine sand: When you open your bag of fine or superfine sand, you’ll think back to warm summer days by the surf. Gray sand is ideal for any sandy project, including filling up your child’s sandbox again and again! This fine sand is also terrific as a vase filler or to place on top of soil in potted plants.
  • Black and off-white sand: Trying to create a striped or unusual visual effect with sand in a glass vase or container? Use black and off-white sand. Alternate between the two colors to produce stripes and splotches. Older children like to use this type of sand for fun at home or in-school art projects. 
  • Play sand: Need a lot of sandbox sand for a youngster’s play area? You can create your own personal beach with 50 pounds of play sand. We’ll have your play sand shipped right to your home or commercial establishment so you can quickly put it into action.


How Will You Use Your Sand Garden Decor?

Sand has a wide range of uses as a decorative or even practical element. Plus, it’s all-natural, which appeals to many decorators’ desires. If you’re in need of inspiration for ways to use sand, try these tips:


  • Use sand to enhance a dinner table display: Maybe you’re planning a wedding or other important event. You want your tabletop displays to be unique, but you’re not sure how to bring your ideas to life. Gray, black, or white sand could be an ideal fit. Many people use sand as a supportive base for candles, branches, artificial creatures, and other display items. 
  • Give children the chance to work with a tactile, hands-on medium: Are you working on art projects with young people in your life? Sand goes well with little hands and big imaginations! Help children create sand doodles and designs. You can also allow children to glue colorful sand to paper to create one-of-a-kind pictures.
  • Go all-out for a beach-themed indoor party: When you want to design a beach party that no one will forget, consider adding an indoor sand area. You can purchase a child’s pool and fill it with sand for a natural touch. Guests will love your dedication to the theme! You can also limit your party sandbox to a patio or indoor-outdoor space for easy cleanup.
  • Line your window boxes with superfine or colorful sand: Are your window boxes calling for a fresh upgrade? You don’t necessarily have to remove the current plants and replace them. Placing sand on top of the soil might be enough of a boost to completely change the aesthetics of your window boxes.
  • Fill new, vintage, or rustic glass bottles with different colors of sand: When your next event has a seaside theme, you can trust sand to provide a dashing, elegant finishing touch. Purchase bottles of different sizes, fill them with colorful sand, and then cork them. You can even offer these sandy decor elements as fun party favors for your event attendees!


Buy Wholesale Sand Garden Decor From Jamali Garden

At Jamali Garden, we're the premier choice for customers like you who are interested in purchasing the best floral and garden supplies at wholesale prices. We stand behind the items we sell and look forward to helping you turn your design dreams into reality.

Place your order today and enjoy fast shipping on the items you need for your home, commercial space, or gathering. Be sure to connect with us on your favorite social media channel, too. We love to see pictures of the many imaginative, classy, and fun ways you’ve used your Jamali Garden merchandise.

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