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Buy LED Candles for Wedding Decor

Candles are an essential element of wedding and event decorations, creating atmosphere while providing necessary lighting. Jamali Garden offers a wide selection of faux candles, called flameless or LED candles, to suit any aesthetic or design vision you want to achieve. Instead of a real wick, the candle includes a realistic flame to provide a cozy, wonderful glow. 

Our wholesale flameless candles come in many shapes and sizes to suit all of your decor needs. The heights range from 1 1/4-inches to 9-inches tall, offering variation for your lighting decorations. Our selection includes tea lights and votivestall taper candles, and round pillar candles for styling a romantic glow in your venue, business, or home.

Benefits of Flameless Candles in Bulk

Some venues don't allow real flames for safety and fire regulation purposes. LED candles for weddings offer peace of mind without the smell or risk of smoke and they don't blow out in windy settings. Many of our candles at Jamali Garden include real wax to provide a soft texture and highly realistic look with long-lasting use. 

Some lights flicker gently from a darkened wick to offer the illusion of a real flame — different shades of natural light range from orange at the bottom to a brighter color at the top. If you'd like to create a whimsical and creative design, the self-powered FloraLytes offer individual orange, purple, pink, teal, amber, green, clear, or multi-lights in packs of 10 with the ability to hang or attach to any of your dry or underwater decorations. 

Our candle collection includes moving wax pillar candles to offer the visual of a life-like flame. Flickering from side to side with a warm radiance creates the perfect alternative to a real fire and comes in 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch sizes. Battery operation with many of our LED candles allows coordinators and designers to easily set up and break down decor after an event. 

Bulk LED Candles for Wedding Decor and More

Lighting plays a prominent role in creating a beautiful ambiance at weddings and special occasions. Jamali Garden's LED candles look excellent on their own or paired with modern, rustic, and hanging lanterns as table centerpieces or other venue decorations. Light reflects off glass panels, creating a cozy luminescence.

Our white LED candles fit seamlessly into various votives and tea light holders for displays. They give off a warm light and look eye-catching when spaced apart or tucked into with leaves, garlands, and other greenery at tables. Pair them with any of your traditional, vintage, contemporary, and rustic decor themes.

For a unique statement piece, consider hanging 16-inch ball lights from the ceiling above a banquet table, a dance floor, or a photo backdrop. Wire in the framing adds an industrial and rustic touch. Lights wrapped around the metal globe provide a fun glow to brighten any space. 

Buy LED Candles Online at Jamali Garden 

Wholesale flameless candles offer a safe and practical way to incorporate lighting in any wedding, event, or interior decorating. The faux flames offer a realistic aesthetic and match any theme you use. Buy candles in bulk to get the quantities you need and save money today.