4in - 9in Mossed Redstone Standard Clay Pots

$3.99 - $42.00

These clay pots are great for orchids, flower bulbs, or herbs. To give them an antique look, they are set out to have moss grown on them. Use them at the garden, or use them to create a floral arrangement for your wedding, event, or party. Available in multiple sizes.

Pots Of Luck for St. Patrick's Day via marthastewart.com. See all the details below.


This item has drainage hole. It is suitable for indoor & outdoor use

4x3in Mossed Redstone Standard Pot

Item# 60104-RM

Inner Height: 2.5in
Outer Height: 3in
Inner Diameter: 3 3/8in
Outer Diameter: 4 3/8in

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6 x 4in Mossed Redstone Standard Pot

Item# 60106-RM

Inner Height: 4.25in
Outer Height: 4in
Inner Diameter: 5in
Outer Diameter: 6in

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7 1/2 x 5in Mossed Redstone Standard Pot

Item# 60108-RM

Inner Height: 4.5in
Outer Height: 5in
Inner Diameter: 6 3/4in
Outer Diameter: 7 3/4in

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9 x 5 1/2in Mossed Redstone Standard Pot

Item# 60110-RM

Inner Height: 5.75in
Outer Height: 5 1/2in
Inner Diameter: 7 3/4in
Outer Diameter: 9in

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You don't have to be rolling in clover to appreciate its natural beauty. Instead, welcome St. Patrick’s Day with a centerpiece full of four-leaf potential. Tuck a few of the easy-to-care-for perennials, which are readily available at garden centers from spring through early fall, and an equally low-maintenance oxalis (aka purple-leaf shamrock, center), into terra-cotta pots. Both varieties will work their magic long past March—just add sunshine and water... Mossed Redstone Standard Clay Pots, 4" by 3", from $4, jamaligarden.com. - Martha Stewart