51in Geranium Aralia plant


51in Geranium Aralia plant

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25in Dia. x 51in High 

Weight: 10 lbs.

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This artificial geranium aralia plant has a thick wooden trunk from which the leaves sprout at the top to form a topiary shape. It even has a mature vine and some new growths at the bottom to add to the realistic look. It comes in the simple black pot as shown in the image, but feel free to drop it into one of our silver or white planters for a more modern look.

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Our artificial geranium aralia plant provides the beauty of a topiary-shaped plant without the attention required for maintaining a real topiary. Because these plants don't grow, you can always count on them to look uniform and neat. They make an excellent addition to any wedding or event decor where you want symmetrical and sophisticated topiary plants.

The unique appearance of these faux geraniums makes them perfect for almost any design scheme or theme. Topiary is a classic shape, but its winding vine with sprouting leaves can also create a more whimsical look in the right surroundings. Use your artificial geranium aralia plant for a traditional-style wedding by placing them in a simple cream sandstone pot as pictured above for a classic look. Place your plant in a tall terracotta clay pot to enhance its playful appearance.

Buy faux 51-inch geranium aralia plants online with Jamali Garden to purchase the quantities you need while saving money with bulk discounts.