6in Glass Beaded Snowflake Silver, Set of 6


6in Glass Beaded Snowflake Silver, Set of 6

Item# BH-20331

6in Dia.

Weight: 0.3 lbs.

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Set Of 6 ($4.17 EA)
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For a subtle sparkle for your Christmas tree, winter wedding, or a Christmas party, this silver beaded snowflake ornament might just be the thing. This ornament is made up of glass beads and comes on a silver wire for easy hanging.

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Dress up Seasonal Special Occasions With a Silver Holiday Snowflake

This is one snowflake that won't melt away! Each snowflake shines and sparkles all night long, which creates a unique display that's dramatic and eye-catching. Reach for these glittery gems for tons of seasonal design applications. If you are looking for ideas to springboard your creativity, check out our suggested uses for a silver holiday snowflake:

  • - Hang glimmery and shimmery snowflakes on the indoor side of windows. They'll capture and reflect any ambient light to set the perfect tone for merriment and celebration.
  • - Attach silver holiday snowflakes to party favors, gifts, and gift baskets. Guests appreciate getting unique keepsakes and will hold onto them for years.
  • - Drape a medium-sized or large tree entirely in silvery snowflakes. It can be fun to decorate a tree in a single hue, like silver. Many people love to create monochromatic trees for residential and commercial uses.
  • - Transform doorways into seasonal entryways by hanging silver snowflakes. Who says mistletoe should get all the attention? You can just as easily let snowflakes adorn your doorways for a whimsical touch.

Whether you want a rustic charm or elegant drama with silver holiday snowflakes from New York, you get a great price and quality merchandise from Jamali Garden.

Buy Silver Holiday Snowflakes Online 

Ready to start decorating this holiday season? Order one or more packages of six silver holiday glass-reflecting snowflakes from our collection. We offer select discounts when you buy holiday glass snowflakes wholesale. Be sure to check out our other merchandise to complement your purchase and make your decorating dreams come true.

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