Blue Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10


Blue Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10

Item# STL02-BL

1 1/4in Dia. x 1in High 

Weight: 0.05 lbs.

Color: Blue

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Set Of 10 ($1.20 EA)
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Want to create a cool blue theme for an upcoming event, and you’re looking for some additional lighting options? A set of blue submersible single LED lights could be the solution you need. Whether you use them inside or outside, on a table, or floating on water, these lights will provide a beautiful and soothing blue hue to your space.

A set of these LED lights includes 10 individual units. Each LED light emits a gorgeous blue light that can be turned on and off by simply twisting the base and top part together. The lights measure 1 ¼-inch wide and 1-inch tall — their small size makes them ideal for a wide variety of uses.

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Want to make an arrangement of white daisies shine blue? Try adding these blue submersible lights at the bottom of the vase. You’ll have a delightful centerpiece that will be a conversation starter. Since these blue submersible lights are perfect for flower arrangements, you could also place several arrangements along the sides of your pond or pool for a dramatic display. Is the pond or pool itself an integral part of the event? Use the LED lights to create a floating candle-like look on the water’s surface. The water will help reflect the lighting and create a soothing ambiance.

Another use for these submersible single LED lights is to place them at the bottom of a champagne or ice bucket. The blue light can help set the mood as it makes the ice glisten. Your guests will also enjoy being served “blue” ice chips.

If you’d like to add a delightful blue hue to your event, purchase your blue submersible single LED light set online today from Jamali Garden.