Cappadocia 5in Copper Rainbow Iron Bowl

$7.50 - $84.00

Each and every Copper Rainbow Iron Bowl is unique. It comes with its own distinct pattern of color. This originality paired with moody, dark tones makes our copper iron vase a perfect partner for industrial or celestial event schemes.

The small, 5 inch bowl vase can hold a compact bouquet of blooms. And we think it looks its best when accompanied by flowers that highlight the play of colors across the surface of the piece.

Each vase is unique and has varying color patterns.


Cappadocia 5in Copper Rainbow Iron Bowl

Item# IMVT-191C

5in Dia. x 5in High 

Weight: 0.3 lb.

Color: Copper

Case Of 12 ($7.00 EA)
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This copper-finish on this iron bowl includes pretty swirls of rainbow colors all over the vase. Right now it seems just perfect for fall bouquets. An arrangement of yellow mums, orange roses, or the coppery mums we used here, is perfect for a fall wedding or your Thanksgiving table centerpieces.

Use the larger Cappadocia copper vase for different flowers or a larger bouquet.