Copper Flower Compote, 7in Dia

$15.00 - $120.00

Copper Flower Compote, 7in Dia

Item# IMFA-51B

7in Dia. x 5in High 

Weight: 0.6 lbs.

Color: Copper

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Our copper flower compote bowl is a classically elegant piece of wedding and event décor that brings a traditional feel to your floral arrangements. The large, unadorned bowl sits on a short pedestal with lovely rippling details that descend down to the foot. The shiny copper finish is the perfect complement to almost any decorative style, whether you're looking for traditional wedding decorations or a piece with old-world charm. 

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Create Eye-Catching Wedding and Event Decor

These elegantly shaped flower compote bowls are an excellent way to add a classic look and style to any space. The overall shape and opening let you house beautiful flower arrangements that work perfectly for various wedding and event styles. Consider placing a flower arrangement of peonies, dahlias and roses inside the copper compote to bring a touch of romance to your design.

The copper finish also works with darker tones of green. For a nature-themed event, you can add our mixed succulent bouquet or green echeveria succulent to the flower compote. You can mix and match flowers, greenery and even fruits to put on display depending on the colors and theme of your event.

Unique Compote Centerpieces

The copper flower compote bowls are perfect for centerpieces because of their ability to give the table a charming look without being obscured by the floral arrangements or contents in it. While the flowers on display enhance their effect, the vessel will still shine and significantly contribute to your overall decor.

Consider pairing the copper flower compote with the arrow stripe mercury glass bowl or gold pillar holders to create an eclectic centerpiece of varying heights and shapes.

Purchase Copper Flower Compote Online

These stylish copper compote bowls can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your event decor. At Jamali Garden, we offer large quantities of these elegant decor pieces, letting you use them however you choose while having the right amount for your design needs.