flowers& January 2016


In this January 2016 flowers& trends issue, the magazine explores the "palettes, themes, & products that are motivating customers today... along with ideas for how to translate those trends into floral sales." First up is 'shades of gray' featuring an arrangement of dusty miller, tillandsias, White Mist foliage, and accents of yellow flowers in our pot. "... nothing works better than a gray background to make other colors sing! Yellow in particular, looks great with gray, contrasting youthful exuberance with a reassuring sobriety."

Next up is 'ethnic pop' which features a our raffia bags: "Inspired by the intricate patterns and vivid colors of folk art from around the world, Ethnic Pop combines them in a bold potpourri that is also influenced by the tech vibe of youth culture... No one part of the color spectrum predominates. Instead, mid-value hues in a wide range bounce off each other as in a kaleidoscope."

The pot shown in 'shades of gray' has sold out. See some similar options below.

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