Multicolor Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10


Multicolor Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10

Item# STL02-MUL

1 1/4in Dia. x 1in High 

Weight: 0.05 lbs.

Color: Multicolor

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Set Of 10 ($1.20 EA)
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Sometimes, when you’re setting up an event or a display, a single color won’t do — you need them all. With multicolor submersible single LED lights from Jamali Garden, the decorating and designing process has never been easier.

Red, green, blue, purple, and everything in between — the colors produced by this multicolor submersible single LED light revolve to add an element of playfulness and whimsy to your space. Each light is 1 ¼-inch in diameter and 1-inch in height. Twist the two halves together to turn your color display on and back off.

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These LED lights are completely submersible, so they’re ideal if your display and décor includes water. Add some to a fish tank as a fun and unique way to illuminate a party. You might also put some in your pool. Since the lights rotate through the color spectrum, their constant changing will help ensure no one gets bored and perhaps will even encourage people to dive into the pool!

Will you be using ice buckets? Put these lights at the bottom for a great way to add pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary item. Guests will enjoy getting their “multi-colored” ice chips as they reach into the bucket. These multicolor submersible LED lights are also ideal for flower arrangements. Highlight your flowers in delightful bursts of color and create a dazzling display.

Buy your multicolor submersible LED lights online today for $12 and begin lighting up your event with some great color.