Preserved Angelic White Rose, Set of 6

These white roses are real blooms that have been preserved to increase its life expectancy. Normally, roses lasts a few days before withering away, but with our all natural, preserved white roses, you can enjoy their beauty for up to a year. Use them to create that perfect floral arrangement or a lovely bouquet, and then take it apart and use it again for something else. With its many uses and beautiful appearance, the possibilities are endless, and let's not forget, roses are the perfect décor for any special occasion.

The stems on these blooms have been cut down to about a ½-inch in length so you can easily attach them to a pick or stem. Multiple colors available for a truly unique and vibrant floral accent. 

Preserved Angelic White Rose, Set of 6


Size: 2 3/4in Height 
Diameter: 2 1/2in

Weight: 0.1 lb.

Color: White

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Set Of 6 ($3.67 EA)

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