Vaso Mini Siena Terracotta Pots and Saucer Set


This item has a drainage hole.

Vaso Mini Siena Terracotta Pots and Saucer Set

Item# TLS11EZ

14in Long x 4 1/2in Wide x 4in High 
Inside Height: 3 1/2in

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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This trio of Mini Siena terracotta pots is great for your smaller plants, a combination of three different cacti as seen in our picture here for example, but, we also love it for a sunny windowsill; grow your favorite herbs right in your kitchen. For a store window, a retail display, or a not so sunny spot in your home, pick from our artificial succulents and leaves to create your permanent designs.

Each mini clay pot measures 4 ½-inches in diameter and is 3 ¾-inches high. The three pots come as a set with the saucer, a 14-inch long rectangular saucer with rounded corners.

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Decorating with Italian Terracotta Pottery

Make Deroma's beautiful terra-cotta pottery standout pieces in your decor. With a mix of heights, subtle varieties in the design of the planters, and finally different plants and foliage, you can create a focal point anywhere. Complete the look by topping off your planted pot with our variety of different mosses. Separate these mini Siena pots and use them individually with other larger terra-cotta containers, similar to what's shown on the table in our image.