White Glass Cylinder Vases

$6.50 - $84.00
Make the color of your flowers pop against the white color of these round glass vases. We love the contrast of the wild-looking, deep burgundy spider 'Tomahawk' gerberas and the soft white color of the vase. Consider a change from clear glass vases, to these genuine, white colored glass vases that add to the look and value of your flower arrangements. For a fiery red wedding centerpiece in the smaller white vase, see this 'Crisp Crimson' floral arrangement from the December 2013 issue of BRIDES.

5 x 6in White Glass Cylinder Vase

Item# GA-H0001-15TC

Size: 5in Diameter x 6in High 

Color: White

Case Of 12 ($5.50 EA)
15% Savings!

6 x 12in White Glass Cylinder

Item# GA-H0002-30TC

Size: 6in Diameter x 12in High 

Color: White

Case Of 6 ($14.00 EA)
12% Savings!

7 x 16in White Glass Cylinder

Item# GA-H0081-40TC

Size: 7in Diameter x 16in High 

Color: White

Case Of 4 ($20.00 EA)
9% Savings!
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White Glass Cylinder Vases for Events

Changing from traditional clear glass vases to these pure, round white vases will add a new look and feel to your flower arrangements you can’t achieve any other way. Pair flowers such as these wild-looking, deep burgundy spider “Tomahawk” gerbera daisies with your soft white glass cylinder vase. For a fiery red wedding centerpiece in a small round white vase, see the “Crisp Crimsons” floral arrangement from BRIDES. These vases look stunning no matter what color or style of flowers you use.

Purchase your white glass cylinder vase wholesale from Jamali Garden and infuse your venue with that pearly essence of luxury and simplicity you’ve been dreaming of.