Papier Mache & Burlap Peacock Ornaments

$4.99 - $6.99
Our papier mache birds are covered with faux birch-print, and blue and black printed paper. Their tails are made up of layered white and blue feathers that are topped with peacock eye feathers. On the red peacock, its body is covered in red burlap. Red feathers that are accented with red glitter adorn this bird. One peacock eye feather sits on top of the red feathers to complete the look. All peacocks come on an attached clip for easy attachment to trees or branches.

13in Blue Papier Mache Peacock

Item# HM14182D

Size: 13in Long x 4in Wide x 3 1/2in Height 

Color: Blue

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14in Birch Print Papier Mache Peacock

Item# HM14182E

Size: 13in Long x 4in Wide x 3 1/2 Height 

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Regular Price $6.99 Sale $4.99

15in Red Burlap Peacock

Item# HM14429A

Size: 15in Long x 5in Wide x 3 1/2in Height 

Color: Red

This item can not be returned.

Regular Price $4.99 Sale $3.99

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