Gold Candelabra & Candlesticks

$18.00 - $225.00

Create an elegant and romantic look with this classic candelabra and its coordinating gold candlesticks. Perfect for any event, these versatile pieces add an extra flair of sophistication. For a softer look, we like to use our ivory taper candles with these candleholders. For a more dramatic, striking look, consider black candles. And for something in between, you simply can’t go wrong with white tapered candles!

25 3/4in Gold Candelabra

Item# ARCH-41

Size: 7in Wide x 25 3/4in Height 
Diameter: 11 1/2in

Color: Gold

This item can not be returned.

Case Of 4 ($50.00 EA)
17% Savings!

20 1/2in Gold Candlestick

Item# ARCH-42A

Size: 20 1/2in Height 
Diameter: 6in

Color: Gold

This item can not be returned.

Case Of 4 ($28.00 EA)
12% Savings!

16 3/4in Gold Candlestick

Item# ARCH-42C

Size: 16 3/4in Height 
Diameter: 6in

Color: Gold

This item can not be returned.

Case Of 9 ($25.00 EA)
11% Savings!

12 1/2in Gold Candlestick

Item# ARCH-42D

Size: 12 1/2in Height 
Diameter: 4 3/4in

Color: Gold

This item can not be returned.

Case Of 12 ($15.00 EA)
17% Savings!
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These modern-looking golden candelabras hold five candles each – just the right amount to create a soft, romantic glow. To make them extra eye-catching, consider adding a small floral display surrounding the base of the candelabra by attaching floral foam or accenting it with a small strand of green garland. (We think a classic ivy garland would look great, but you can always a gardenia garland could be just as appealing!)


  • Polished metal for a rich look

  • Smooth shape provides just the right amount of a modern touch to an otherwise timeless piece

  • Holds 5 candles (if your venue doesn't allow for flames, consider using battery-operated candles!)


In addition to the candelabra, we also offer gold candelabras in varying heights. Purchase numerous candlesticks of the same height for a streamlined, uniform look, or mix and match various styles for a style that’s fun and unique. Like the coordinating candelabra, these candlesticks are made of aluminum – they’re meant to last and can be repurposed for event after event. They’re equally as stunning at a wedding as they are at a restaurant table; when paired with a tapered candle, they provide a classic look that’s sure to be admired by all.


  • Polished aluminum with a gold finish

  • Various sizes available

  • Best for holding tapered candles


At Jamali Garden, you can buy gold candlesticks and candelabras in bulk. This allows you to get the quantities you need for decorating your event, and also allows you to save money while doing so. So when planning the lighting and tablescape schemes for your next event, the choice is clear: buy these candle holders online today and save money in style!