16in Burnt Antique Square Candle Holder With Mirror Bottom

A burnt antique metal frame holds four clear glass panels on this square lantern. A mirrored bottom panel adds a reflective surface to this lantern that has a beautiful, clean shape and look. Fill the lantern with pillar candles to line a wedding ceremony aisle; or put the lantern on your reception table as a non-floral centerpiece surrounded by smaller votive holders. For a store or window display, it would look great filled with some sand and faux succulents.


16in Burnt Antique Square Candle Holder With Mirror Bottom

Item# GL-11044A

7 1/4in Square x 16in High 

Weight: 4.5 lbs.

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Buy Square Candle Holders for Classic Event Decor

Antique decor creates a cozy, traditional display that everyone can appreciate. You can make unique lighting setups or complement a rustic farmhouse theme with these antique square candle holders. Built to fit large pillar candles, these holders are 7 1/4 inches square and 16 inches tall. The mirror bottom creates a sturdy base and reflects the candlelight. Place these glass holders as a statement piece on each table or use them to guide your walkways.

These antique candle holders have a burnt metal frame that can match many rustic decor pieces, like an antique glass box or a colonial brass sand timer. Use these candle holders as your starting point for the rest of your table decor. Choose from pillar candles, faux floral arrangements, or potpourri to fill these glass vessels. 

Create Rustic Vibes With Antique Displays

At Jamali Garden, we know your lighting choices are just as important as your decor choices. With our square lantern candle holder, you can have unique, functional pieces throughout your event. Add texture to each centerpiece by placing a large birch bark candle in the holders, or complete the theme with smaller rustic candle holders to add visual layers.

If you like earthy designs, these square candle holders also make the perfect setting for a terrarium. Create a mini ecosystem with preserved mossa flowing grass bush, and statement succulent picks. If you want to add some color or incorporate your theme into the lighting decor, you can add sandshells, or polished stones to the bottom of each lantern holder.

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Create a cohesive design with antique decor and candle holders from our collection. At Jamali Garden, we provide unique, tailored items for you to explore. From weddings to garden parties, we provide floral, lighting, and decor inspiration. Buy our antique square candle holders in bulk, and save big on your event planning budget.