15in Mirror Disco Ball

The disco era was filled with dazzling décor that inspired an instant party atmosphere. Our 15-inch mirror disco ball is the perfect way to add some glitzy fun to your holiday party. When lights hit each of the hundreds of small silver squares attached to the 15-inch sphere, the reflective surfaces create a dazzling display.

15in Mirror Disco Ball

Item# 9716400

Size: 15in Diameter 

Color: Silver

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If you're looking for large ornaments to display on your giant Christmas tree, you'll love the beautiful sparkle created by each silver disco ball Christmas ornament. They include a secure loop on top, so you can hang your mirror disco ball ornaments throughout your venue to create an eye-catching atmosphere. Pair a 15-inch mirror ball with our 8-inch and 12-inch disco balls to mix things up.

From fun and festive to glamorous and classy, we have all the Christmas décor you need at Jamali Garden to ensure your holiday party stands apart from the rest.